Check which programs consume the most Internet in Windows

Having control of Internet consumption can be important to prevent the rate from running out and having problems. Keep in mind that not everyone will consume the same. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about how to see which programs spend the most data in Windows. In this way you will be able to better control the applications you have installed and know at all times which ones are using the most connection resources, especially if you are sharing data and you do not want problems with your rate.

How to see the Internet consumption of programs

Check which programs consume the most Internet in Windows

In Windows you can install programs of all kinds and the difference in consumption can be very large. For example, a download application is not the same as another to send emails. There are some programs that can consume much more Internet and even quickly end up with a data rate, in case we are sharing the connection.

To see how much each program consumes , you have to go to Start, enter Settings, Advanced network settings and click on Data usage. There you will see all the applications that you have installed in Windows. They will appear in order based on the amount of Internet they have consumed in the established period of time, which is 30 days.

Ver el consumo de programas en Windows

First of all, the connection you are using will appear. For example a Wi-Fi network or if you are connected by Ethernet cable. But you can switch to another easily. At the top and to the right you will see a dropdown button. There you can select if you want to see the Internet consumption of the programs in Windows when you connect by Wi-Fi or by cable. You can also select the corresponding card, in case you have several.

Therefore, as you can see, it is easy to know which programs consume the most Internet in Windows and also see exactly how much they have consumed in the last 30 days. This will allow you to have a greater knowledge to avoid the rate running out or even exhausting the bandwidth in case you use these applications a lot.

Put a limit on consumption

Not only will you be able to know exactly how much each program you have installed in Windows consumes, but you will also be able to set a limit . In this way you will prevent the data rate from running out. If, for example, you are sharing the Internet from your mobile, you may not be interested in a program suddenly consuming several gigabytes.

To configure it you have to click on the button above, where it says Specify limit . This limit can be punctual, monthly or forever. You can set a day of the month to start counting and, most importantly, the data limit that you are going to set. For example you can put 5 GB or whatever you think is convenient. You have to mark GB or MB for the drive.

In short, seeing how much each Internet program consumes is easy in Windows. You do not need to install anything, since you only have to use the system’s own configuration. You can also set a limit so you don’t spend more Internet than necessary and have problems. You can always use the mobile as a router and it can be interesting to avoid consuming more than necessary.