How to charge the mobile when there is no electricity

With the passage of time we are seeing how more and more smartphones are accompanied by a better battery and a more optimized system. However, if we are without electricity at home for a long time for any reason, we may have a serious problem. In any case, there are different alternatives to charge the mobile without electricity with the help of gadgets and options that will save us from a hurry without running the risk of being cut off.

In case of foreseeing that we will not have electrical current during certain hours, the best thing will be to charge the mobile before up to 100% and thus we will be sure that we will not miss it. Although the autonomy of a phone is not infinite, however much we try to make it so. Luckily, if we use the energy saving methods we will be even calmer, since the energy of the smartphone will be able to hold more. The problem will come when we take too long to recover the light at home. In those cases, what can we do?

charge the mobile when there is no electricity

You have to be foresight

The autonomy of a mobile phone is not infinite, although there are different tricks to gain battery power or, at least, so that the smartphone lasts as long as possible without turning off. Although, in order to prevent this, you have to be proactive and be ready just in case, at any time, the electricity in the house goes out for one reason or another. Either because there has been a blackout in our area or they have had to cut off electricity for works. In any case, these tips will help you maintain the power of your device:

Ahorrar batería móviles Android

  • Use the battery saving mode of your smartphone.
  • Turn off your phone if you won’t be using it at the time.
  • Deactivate the mobile connections that you do not need: NFC, Wi-Fi, data, etc.
  • Use airplane mode.
  • Lower the brightness of the smartphone screen.

However, when the time comes, and no matter how much energy a smartphone has, we will have to charge the mobile at any time. Therefore, it is time to see the alternatives that exist to be able to do it, even when we do not have electricity at home.

Charge the phone if you have no light

In addition to being proactive when it comes to saving battery on the phone, there are a series of gadgets or options so that we can continue to keep the mobile on at any time. For this reason, we are going to recommend a series of alternatives that, in our opinion, are the best that you can have when you run out of electricity at home.

The best option, laptops

This gadget that has become essential during trips or getaways to the mountains, but we cannot miss it in our house for times when there is no light because it will be of great help. It does not matter if it is smaller or larger, any capacity will be welcome in a critical situation such as not having the plugs available to connect our mobile.

bateria portatil con carga rapida

From any online website, such as Amazon, we can get hold of different portable batteries that offer us what we need. Depending on the amperage of the phone component or the charging speed, we will need one or the other. To help you, we leave you these key points so that you can choose one without problems:

  • The capacity in mAh.
  • Look at the speed it offers to give energy.
  • How many charges does it offer to your mobile?
  • The number of available ports.

use reverse technology

If we have two mobiles at home and one of them is running out of battery and the other still has more than enough, resorting to reverse charging may be the solution. With this method we will be able to pass electricity from one phone to the other and thus ensure that the cell does not run out.

carga inversa

In any case, before trying it, we must know if our mobile has this technology in our phone files, Samsung smartphones are one of the main exponents of this technology. On the contrary, the terminal that wants to receive the cell will have to have only wireless charging. In addition, we must activate this function that we will find in Settings > Battery .

charge it in the car

It is not the best or ideal option, especially if our car is not electric and, therefore, we are emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but it is still an option that we must assess. Just by having an adapter for the car and the USB cable of our phone we will be able to connect it to the cigarette lighter or directly to the USB socket if it already includes it, so we will avoid having to have an adapter. We recommend you not to be too long with the car running or the gas tank will be very expensive.

With 100% clean energy

On the contrary, an option that is becoming more and more popular is solar chargers. Whether we don’t have electricity at home or if we go on a mountain getaway, these small solar panels will allow us to charge our mobile anywhere . The best way to get a battery is to anticipate the facts and what we will have to do with this type of accessories will be to put them in the sun throughout the day and when they are ready or we need them, we will only have to connect the smartphone.

cargador solar

Don’t you dare do this

Surfing the net we find many science-based options that promise to charge our mobile without light and without resorting to gadgets or other accessories for smartphones, but their dangers keep us from recommending them. We have been able to read options to power a terminal with a battery and a clip as current conduits, which could cause a shock to ourselves. For this reason, this ‘invention’ will be better not to do it on our own.

There are also the classic tricks to charge the mobile with a lemon, but we do not find it convincing that the charger, which then goes into a plug, passes through the liquid of this citrus fruit. Personally, we have been able to see how with removable battery phones they were able to give energy by rubbing them with jeans, but since smartphones are ‘unibody’ this is no longer possible.