How to access the secret menu of battery cycles on Xiaomi mobiles

Did you know that there are a series of Xiaomi tricks in the form of secret codes that, when dialed from the phone app, enable menus hidden from the naked eye? If you have your smartphone updated to MIUI 11 or even a later version, you can access the secret battery menu of your Chinese mobile.

By entering this code, we are given access to a screen with information about the battery that, although it may seem irrelevant, allows us to know such important data as the battery cycles that our smartphone from the oriental company has gone through. This data tells us when this component should be changed.

access the secret menu of battery cycles on Xiaomi mobiles

MIUI code

Xiaomi’s trick to enable this secret MIUI menu is only valid from version 10.0, that is, in previous versions it will not work for you. On the other hand, if you have version 11.0, you can also try marking this hidden key.

But, be careful, since it only works with those versions that are based on Android 9 or 10 , that is, if you have MIUI 10 or 11, you can access it without problems as we told you. However, in later versions, we may not be able to see the specific field that we will talk about next.

If you meet this requirement, open the phone app, enter the code *#*#6485#*#* on the dialer, and then tap the call button. A series of data will appear on your screen detailing information about the battery such as its status, voltage and others, but the one that interests us is the one identified as MF_02 .

ciclos batería Xiaomi

This is the one that indicates the battery cycles of the smartphone or, in other words, how many times we have completed charging the phone. In this case we have done it 232 times, that is, less than a year. In addition, we have also tested MIUI 13 with a new POCO phone, and in our case, we do have access to this secret Xiaomi section.

Menú secreto batería MIUI 13

Other important fields

Within this secret menu that we find in Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobiles, the MF_02 is not the only one that could interest us. Within this, we find other fields that are also relevant, and it is not a bad idea to know what they mean:

  • MB_06: this section indicates the state of the battery. Therefore, if it is in perfect condition, it will give us ‘Good’, that is, it is fine.
  • MB_00/MF_01: tells us the current energy that this component of the Chinese smartphone has, as well as whether or not it is charging at that moment.
  • MF_05: it will mark the current capacity of the battery.
  • MF_06: this field will tell us the factory capacity of this internal component of the terminal.

However, we will not find all these sections available in our terminal. More than anything, because it will also depend on the mobile we have, that is, if we have a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, in addition to the version of MIUI and Android that we have installed on the smartphone.

What good is knowing battery cycles?

As simple as knowing how much life your phone has left. As you know, the battery is one of the elements that degrades the most in your device since the brands began to make their terminals thinner, few allow you to easily change this component manually. In fact, replacing a cell phone battery is so expensive that it often pays to buy a new one. Although there is always the option to change it on our own.

oneplus 6 bateria desmontaje 02 The battery cycles mark the useful life of the device because as soon as 500 cycles are exceeded (about a year and a half), the battery loses capacity and effectiveness. And if we go on to talk about wireless recharging, the issue becomes more complicated, since there are already studies that show that these cycles weigh down the phone’s battery even more.

In this way, if you see that your smartphone greatly exceeds this number, it may be a good time to pay attention to the different cheap mobile offers that we usually publish in case the day comes when you cannot turn on the terminal.

Apps to know your status

Not all users will be able to see the health of the battery, or the speed at which the device is charging through that secret menu or another. However, there are different Google Play applications that will tell us this type of information, such as the total capacity of this component, if it is in good condition, among other data. For this reason, we show you some of the options, totally free, that you can download from Xiaomi.


One of the most downloaded and used to view data related to the mobile battery is Accubattery . This app allows us to control the amperage and the total capacity of our battery at the time of charging, it will even tell us the charging speed, in addition to seeing if the health of this component of the Chinese smartphone is correct.

In this way, we can find out the time it takes to reach 100% . We will even have a summary of the load history. And not only this, but it will tell us the temperature in which the device is at all times.



The previous option is not the only one that has been gaining followers, because Ampere is another one of those apps to see information about the mobile battery that has all kinds of data. As in the previous case, this application is also totally free, so you can download it from the following Google Play link:

Developer: Braintrapp

When you are already inside, you will be able to see if it is charging or not, the temperature of the mobile , as well as the health or useful life of this element of the terminal. So it will also help us to know if it is not yet time to change it.

Device Info HW

Although this alternative is not focused exclusively on the battery of mobile phones , the truth is that we find a fairly large section in which we will see different data about this component of the terminal. If you want to try it, you just have to download it from the following Play Store link:

Once installed, you will have to go to the Battery section. Within this, in addition to seeing the health, the status (if it is charging or not) or the percentage of energy of the smartphone. It will tell us other data such as the voltage, the factory status it has or the recharging speed. But, the thing does not end there, since, if you want to take a look at the other elements of the terminal, you will be able to see information about the cameras, the memory, the sensors or the SoC of the device.