How to Change the Password of My Access Point or WiFi Zone

Mobile phones have as many functions as we can imagine and among them we have to create a WiFi network with a secret password. Mobile phones by default, both on Android and iPhone, already have a predefined password as standard, which may not be as secure as we would like. For that reason we recommend and we will teach you to change the password of the WiFi access point on your mobile.

Change the Password of My Access Point or WiFi Zone

There are other reasons to change this password and they can be when we do not want a person to whom we have given access to have it again, in all cases the process is the same. Although in Android we find different layers of customization in all of them the steps are very similar, only changing the aesthetics, but allowing us to choose a new password for the mobile WiFi zone when we want or need it.

Change hotspot password on Android

To get to the option that allows us to change the password of the WiFi access point on the mobile is very easy. We only have to enter the mobile Settings and follow the steps that we explain. Once finished we will have to choose a secure password, so we recommend that you include numbers, letters, capital letters and question marks so that no one can bypass the protection and access our own WiFi.

contraseña punto acceso android

  • In the Settings we look for the option Networks and Internet.
  • Then we go to the option called WiFi zone / Share connection.
  • Now we touch on WiFi access point.
  • Finally we choose Password of the access point.
  • And we change it for a secure one with the keys that we have given you.

Steps to change the password of the WiFi zone on iPhone

In iPhones the process does not change much and it has been this way for several versions of iOS. We just have to complete the process that we are going to show you to be able to freely choose our password, as in Android we should not use too easy passwords based on names or specific dates, as they are very vulnerable.

cambiar contraseña punto acceso iphone

  • We first enter the iOS Settings.
  • Then we find the quick access to the Personal Access Point.
  • Inside we touch on the WiFi password option.
  • And now we modify it for the one we want.

For other users to connect, it is only necessary to provide them with the password and to search their mobile or device for the WiFi network that we have created. Anyone can connect and there are no differences between Android phones or iPhone.