Center the Taskbar Icons and Make It Transparent with FalconX

The Windows 10 taskbar is very useful for having the programs we use the most at hand. Microsoft has worked hard with Windows 10 to make it an alternative to the “dock” offered by macOS on Apple computers. It is very easy to anchor programs to this bottom bar and manage your settings. However, Microsoft has forgotten a very important point for users: personalization.

Microsoft offers very few customization options for the Windows 10 taskbar. And users don’t like that at all. For example, the icons are always aligned to the left. And in addition, although it has a certain degree of semi-translucent, there are users who like to adjust the transparency of the taskbar. Even make it transparent at all. And Microsoft, it is unknown why. He doesn’t finish doing it.

Luckily, there are always developers willing to offer these features (and many others) to users. And this is how FalconX arrives .

FalconX, an excellent software to customize the Windows 10 taskbar

FalconX is a completely free and open source program that will allow us to customize the look of the Windows 10 taskbar. In addition to its most interesting use, which is to be able to center the icons on this taskbar, this program will to allow you to customize other aspects of the appearance of this bar. It even has a series of effects that will allow us to give it a unique and personal touch.

Some of the main features offered by this software are:

  • It includes a total of 42 animations. It even allows us to configure it without animation.
  • Very optimized and lightweight. It consumes 0% CPU at rest.
  • Change the speed of the animations.
  • Change the position of the icons at the center of this bar. It will even adjust them automatically as we open or close programs.
  • It is compatible with all the functions of the taskbar.
  • It allows to center the icons also when we have the taskbar in vertical.
  • It is compatible with up to 3 monitors.
  • It allows you to choose what to center the icons on (start button, search bar, etc.).
  • 3 styles of transparency and effect for the taskbar: transparent, blurred and acrylic.

A step further in the customization of Windows 10 that, unfortunately, the operating system does not let us do.

How to center the icons on the Windows 10 taskbar

The first thing we must do to use this program is to download the latest version from the following link . The program is totally free. And it also does not need to be installed on the computer, since it works in a portable way.

If we want, we can also download this program from the Microsoft Store. But from this store the program is paid, and the money is used as a donation to continue supporting the program.

We run the program and the first thing it will do is center the icons on the taskbar. This is your default setting.

Iconos centrados en la barra de tareas de Windows 10

In the system tray, next to the clock, we can find the icon of this program. By double clicking on it we can open its configuration menu.

Configurar FalconX

The first of the sections that we can configure in this program is that of “Animation” . This program has a total of 42 animations that we can select in this section. We will also be able to adjust the duration we want to give to the animation. This animation is the effect that icons do from the time they are aligned to the left until they are centered. An original effect so that the alignment is not so sharp.

The second of the sections is “Position” . Here we will be able to choose the position of the icons. For example, we may not want them centered at all, but only a little moved. We will also find the button that will allow us to choose if we want them to be centered according to the width of the screen or the space between the search bar and the clock.

Cambiar posición iconos barra tareas FalconX

The third of the sections is Style” . This will allow us to easily customize the Windows taskbar with the 3 styles it offers: Transparent, Blurred and Acrylic. This last effect is unstable and can give us problems.

Personalizar barra de tareas Windows 10 - 1

Personalizar barra de tareas Windows 10 - 2

Personalizar barra de tareas Windows 10 - 3

Finally, we will also find a button that will allow us to start the program at the start of Windows to make sure that we always have the icons centered from the beginning.

Could we see these native options in Windows 10?

Despite user complaints, Microsoft has never made any statements about adding new customization options to the taskbar of its operating system. With the basic options it offers, and allowing us to place the taskbar on the side we want , for Microsoft it seems to be enough.

New customization functions may be added in future operating system updates. This would not be bad at all. But for now, all we can do is configure programs such as FalconX, a completely free program that, fortunately, is very light and stable.

A new customization threshold for those who want to control even the smallest detail of Windows 10.