ScreenWings: Protect Your Privacy by Blocking Screenshots

There are many programs of all kinds that we use right now on our devices , some more reliable than others. We tell you this because there are certain applications that may threaten our privacy on a day-to-day basis with the PC.

In fact, there are many ways in which an attacker can attempt against the security and privacy of our data. That is why in these lines we are going to focus on one of the methods in which you might not have thought, the screenshots. Therefore, to avoid these actions behind the user’s own back, we are going to talk about an interesting free application.

Specifically it is the so-called ScreenWings , a free application against screenshot in Windows not allowed or desired by malicious applications. Thus, this will be responsible for maintaining our privacy in this regard, which we will appreciate. We must know that on the Internet we can find many types of malware , most of them intended to steal user information.screenwings

Increase your privacy on the PC with ScreenWings

Therefore, with the program to which we mention in this case, we will effectively avoid screen recorders. To say that they can take a screenshot of the content of our monitor without us noticing, and send it to the creator of the malware. At the same time there is also the possibility that another user who has physical access to the system can capture the screen , or install software that does it automatically.

Be that as it may, ScreenWings, which we can download from here , blocks malicious programs so they don’t take these screenshots. Thus, in the event that some malware with these characteristics, which registers the screen content, infects the PC , it will block it. This can cause the attacker to do it with access credentials to any platform, for example. But of course, these malicious codes are also used to take screenshots of the email inbox, bank statement, social networks , etc.

Well, to avoid all this, we can take advantage of the aforementioned ScreenWings, a portable application that does not even need to be installed to protect us. All we do is download it, extract it and run it to be put into operation. This means that we can carry it on a USB stick to use the protection system on any computer .

So we can protect ourselves with this simple program

Once we run it, you don’t even need administrator permissions, a small pop-up window will appear on the screen. Well, this small interface that we see, contains a monitor-shaped icon with a Windows logo inside.


When you click on it, the logo will disappear and the monitor icon will appear with a black background. This means that ScreenWings is in screen capture protection mode. Similarly, to disable this protection mode, we just have to click on the same icon so that we can take screenshots as usual. As we see, its operation is very simple, since it does not require that we make adjustments or menus to touch. To verify that it is really effective, we only have to take a screenshot . When the program is active, when you paste it from the clipboard into any photo program, we will see only a black background, nothing more.