Install the Samsung Edge on any Android Phone with Zone Launcher

Samsung Edge is the feature that Samsung added to its software with the launch of its Edge phones in late 2014. This allows you to access your favorite apps with a swipe from the edge of the screen. If you like this functionality you will like Zone Launcher.

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, at the end of 2014 this new functionality was introduced in Samsung phones, and it was with the Galaxy S6 Edge that was launched in early 2015 that the function became popular. If this functionality interests you but you think it is not fully implemented or you do not have a phone from the Korean company, you are sure that you are interested in Zone Launcher. An app that will allow you to have this functionality but in a very different way implemented to adapt to any

Zone Launcher The alternative to Samsung Edge

Yes, the app is called Launcher, but do not worry, you will not lose that fantastic customization that you have done to your phone. This Launcher runs below yours, so it won’t change the look at all, it will only add this functionality.

When installing the application (it can be done regularly from the Play Store ) you will ask us to grant accessibility permissions, you will also ask us if we use the right or left hand. Once given the permits we can already use it. Just entering it we see that we have some options, it is all in English, but it is quite easy to use even if you do not master the language much. If we click on Shortcuts Grid we can add the apps we want to have within our reach. Only by clicking on each of the gaps can we add an application.

We can also add apps columns or blocks as it suits us.

Zone Launcher

Now by sliding from the side you have chosen (it can only be right or left, it cannot be both) we can access the shortcuts we have created. The operation is simple. While holding down this will remain on the screen, so to select you will have to move the circle as a cursor over the app you want to open and it will open automatically. If we go to the edge we can slide and search among all the apps in alphabetical order, the latter is something more difficult to have practice.

zone launcher

But that is not all that can be done. You can also create new zones . What is an area? Well, basically you can fill another app grid again, which can be for a different purpose. Therefore, when you create it, you put a name and a color to differentiate it from any other area. The one that comes default will have the name of Main and it comes in red. The new one will be to your liking.

zone launcher zonas

To access it when you navigate you just have to direct the cursor at the bottom, where you will see the colors of the different areas to choose between them. A very practical option to have quick access to what you are doing at all times.

Zone Launcher zonas

And this is our recommendation: Zone Launcher. Your possibilities extend to more than all that, you will have to discover it for yourself or for yourself. The app is free, but to unlock certain customization options you will have to buy the full version, which costs € 0.99.

What do you think of the app? Do you find it useful?