Cell phone accessories for the car will change your life

These cell phone accessories for the car will change your life

The number of people who currently have a mobile phone is overwhelming. There is no doubt that they have become the travel companion of the whole world. This is due to the infinity of functions that are integrated into its interior, which has led to the development of accessories to complement it at any time, such as when taking the car.

The purpose of these is that the user’s life is much more comfortable and that, in addition, they can convert their old car into a somewhat more renovated one thanks to devices or devices that offer various functionalities. For example, you can wirelessly charge your mobile in your car without any hassle.

Accessories of all kinds

Soporte Móvil Coche

With the passage of time and the establishment of technology in our lives, the DGT has sought a way to be able to use the smartphone in the vehicle without receiving a fine as a consequence. For this, an approved support is needed to carry the terminal and that it does not interfere with driving, but these are not the only accessories that you can find.

Support to carry your mobile as an Android Auto screen

A desperate problem calls for desperate measures. In the event that your car is too old and does not integrate a screen to run Android Auto, do not worry.

Thanks to this support that works as a clip, you can place your device horizontally as if it were a screen. The fastening is quite firm and there is no need to be afraid of a possible fall.

Always locate your keys

Simple and easy. If you are one of those who tend to lose things constantly, this accessory is for you.

Tile Mate is simply a Bluetooth locator that you can attach to any object, such as car keys. It offers a range of 60 meters and a battery life of one year.

Decide the song you want to hear

Sometimes the radio can be a torture. Always the same songs or gatherings. There is no pleasure like choosing what it sounds like.

If your car does not have a connector for your phone, you can opt for this Bluetooth transmitter that is inserted into the cigarette lighter. In this way, it is possible to both charge your mobile and listen to the music you want.

Charge and hold your smartphone at the same time

The technology is versatile, so you can not only position your phone appropriately so you don’t get penalized, but also charge it up so it’s ready for action.

This support allows the terminal to be charged wirelessly with a capacity of 15W. An acceptable figure considering that this property will be used occasionally.

The classic. Don’t complicate yourself anymore

If you don’t want to mess with the type of support, the best alternative is to choose a magnetic one. This one in particular has a great fixation and allows you to rotate the smartphone up to 360 °.

It is a simple method of carrying the mobile in the car. In addition, it does not take up any space. So you will have your eyes free to observe everything that happens on the road.