How to carry your mobile in the car so you don’t get fined

Over the years we have seen how mobile devices went from being a tool that no one had access to until now, that we can take anywhere, and we even have the option of using it while we are behind the wheel while driving. However, you have to know how is the proper way to use it, since if we do not follow the traffic regulations we will receive a fine yes or yes.

carry your mobile in the car so you don't get fined

The connection and information capacity that mobile devices offer us have made taking it with us everywhere it is sometimes almost essential, including when driving , and not only for the simple fact that we can play music through the mobile when pairing it with the vehicle, but it serves as a navigator to reach our destination without getting lost. But, they are not all the users who follow a good behavior at the wheel, since they use the smartphone directly, something that is not allowed.

Therefore, it is time to know what are the ways in which we can use the phone while driving , as well as knowing where it will have to be placed if we are going to use this device.

Where to put it?

The use of the mobile phone in our day to day has become practically essential, even some cannot stop using it while they have to go behind the wheel, a fact that can endanger the lives of other drivers and people who travel in road vehicle.

This is why traffic regulations have become increasingly tougher over time, in order to protect people. More than anything, because when we pick up the phone at the wheel, the only thing we are achieving is drastically reducing our attention and concentration, so that in just one second we can cause an accident .

movil coche

For this reason, since 2021, the fines for the use of mobile phones in Spain have become much more severe than in the past, so now the fine is 500 euros and 6 points. If before it was the traffic agent himself who decided, according to his own criteria, whether or not we had used it. Now, just holding the mobile without having used it is punishable. This means that if, for example, a camera captures us that we are carrying the mobile phone in our hand, the sanction will also be imposed, no matter how much we have not used it.

Although, it can be placed in a certain place to always have it in sight. The appropriate place to put the mobile will be the dashboard of the mobile as long as an approved support is used and it is not manipulated while driving . Therefore, if we have this accessory we will always have the possibility of having the smartphone screen in view and we will avoid a fine for carrying it anywhere in the car. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to manipulate it directly.

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Fortunately, mobile phones are not the only market that has evolved, since with the expansion of terminals and their use on the road, there was also the need for different accessories to place any mobile device inside a vehicle. This is why we bring you three options that will avoid any type of fine.


One of the possible options that we will have at our fingertips will be a magnetic support which is characterized in that we can place practically any smartphone, so the size will not matter. The only requirement will be that we will have to fix a magnetic sticker on the case that we use for the mobile, it can even be carried inside it. Although another option would be to directly have a protective casing that comes with this magnet.

Soporte magnético

In addition, this accessory will be quickly and easily placed on the air conditioning grille of our vehicle. Therefore, the fact of putting it on and taking it off will only take us a few seconds, since we will only have to ‘stick’ it with the magnet.


This product is one of the best options that we must take into account due to its position, that is, with this support we can place the mobile in one of the safest locations. We will simply have to fix it in the area of the excess dashboard , where the steering wheel is located. In such a way that, to be able to look at the terminal screen, we will practically not move our heads. Even if we put it upside down, the smartphone would be placed where the clocks of the revolutions and the speed of the car are.

Soporte salpicadero coche

For CD slot

If you did not like either of the last two options, the last one that we bring you is that support that we can place right where the CD slot . And, nowadays there are few people who use this slot, since practically all those who listen to the radio or music through a jack cable or via Bluetooth. In addition, this accessory has the ability to rotate the smartphone up to 360 degrees.

Soporte móvil ranura CD coche

Use your mobile well

Fortunately, there are different alternatives to supports for all those who need to use the mobile in the car whatever their reason, since with these accessories we will not be able to legally manipulate the mobile. Instead, here we will show you three 100% legal ways, with which you will avoid any type of traffic sanction , and with which you can use your mobile behind the wheel without any problem.

With Bluetooth

There are many current vehicles that now offer a Bluetooth connection, so that we can listen to music or talk on the phone through the audio system that is integrated into the car itself without having to touch the smartphone under any circumstances.

In addition, we will also have the possibility to change the radio of the vehicle so that it has this type of connectivity and thus be able to use the phone behind the wheel . Basically, the fundamental key is not to touch the mobile. Anything you can do through the radio or the steering wheel controls is allowed.

Android Auto or CarPlay

Apps GPS Android Auto

This is, without a doubt, one of the most appropriate solutions and one that has become more widespread in recent years in the event that we need to use the mobile phone when we are behind the wheel. We refer to the different software programs for cars such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto that will allow us to run certain applications and perform certain actions safely through the vehicle’s infotainment system. Of course, our vehicle must be completely compatible.

By voice assistant

Currently, mobile phones come with different functionalities that make them essential tools. One of them is the integration of powerful voice assistants, which allow us to execute different commands with our voice without having to hold the smartphone. Therefore, if we have a support, we can always use the telephone when executing commands with our voice, and thus never again divert our gaze from the road when we are driving.