How to open an app faster on Android

In day-to-day mobile use, what we usually do the most is open and close applications, something that has become a recurring habit. There are many apps that we can use throughout the day, but we tend to have a preference for some of them. Whether they are social networks, games or apps focused on other utilities, we want the apps to open quickly and not have to wait.

To achieve the purpose of greater speed, we are going to show you a series of techniques that move a whole technological system present in Android smartphones. These are not options explicitly designed to speed up the opening of applications , but we assure you that they will offer us a few extra seconds of speed that at the end of the day can make the difference between waiting or using it.

open an app faster on Android

Find the app

The first loss of time that we encounter does not occur when we proceed to open the application in question, but begins when trying to locate it. Fortunately, the Android operating system and its customization offer us to solve this problem as soon as possible. In case you have not already done so, we invite you to place the app that you usually need on the home page and thus not have to continually search for it in the app drawer. You just have to leave it pressed and drag it to the desired point.

Another way to easily find applications is by making use of artificial intelligence. The system integrates 11 smart functions from Android to put what we need on a tray . It learns from our time zones, the times we access an app and even the order in which we use them.

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This makes us see the app suggestions present on the home screen of stock Android phones or in the multi-layered app drawer. These offer us at the top always what we need, without having to search further. You don’t even need to configure it, just slide the app drawer and look at the top, where the suggestions will speak for themselves.

Accelerate the opening

Once we already have at our fingertips whenever we need the application, it is time to squeeze the speed of our mobile. This is something that we will be able to achieve in any Android smartphone with one option or with others, but we will always get more out of the terminal to squeeze it out and that using some apps is not an ordeal for the time that makes us wait.

Don’t shut down multitasking

A mistake that many people make with their Android terminals is to continually shut down multitasking, something that we should not do under any circumstances. It is only recommended to carry it out in case we have a problem with the performance of the mobile or because an app has crashed. The system will be in charge of knowing what we are going to do with the help of AI.

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Meanwhile, we just have to open and exit applications. In this way, the mobile will know that sooner or later you are going to open that application that you usually use at that very moment and beforehand it will have it pre-loaded to speed up its operation and that we only have to enjoy it.

No battery restrictions

Relying on that intelligence mentioned naturally, the mobile takes the freedom to choose what remains open and what is closed at all times. If we want to take control of this situation, we just have to decide which applications will always close in the background and which will never close through the battery foothills. We warn that this process may have adverse effects on autonomy.

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Carrying it out is as simple as entering Settings> Applications and choosing the desired one. Once inside, we tap on your individual drum preferences and we can choose between the following possibilities:

  • No restrictions: the app will always open quickly, but it will significantly affect the battery.
  • Optimized: the system will decide at all times.
  • Restricted: it will only work when we open it and this could cause us to miss notifications.

RAM expansion

One of the options that are becoming more fashionable among manufacturers is the expansion of RAM and that leads us to be able to enjoy an extra speed when opening apps. We just have to configure the RAM expansion within the phone memory and no matter how minimal the change is, it will already be of great help so that the process takes less time or that the apps do not close in multitasking earlier than desired .

Use the game accelerator

Virtually every layer of customization has a heavy tool for speeding up games, be it under one name or another. But in general, what they offer us is an accelerated access panel to the games, not only to have them all in one place, but also to enhance those games and downplay the rest of the processes when we play. In some of those cases, the app allows us to adjust the preferences so that more RAM is focused on getting it to open quickly and perform at the best level.

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Free up storage

We will not tire of recommending it, but it is one of the key techniques that affect mobile speed. If our smartphone is full of photos, videos, applications and elements, the whole system will slow down. The process will feel more loaded and of course the speed of the applications will decrease from opening to rendering. We can do that in a matter of seconds with Google Files, the one in charge of deleting files from the cache and suggesting a cleaning.

It is not the same that the phone has to use between 10,000 files what we want to start an app, as it has to do it between 100,000 files. That is why choosing to store everything in the cloud or move it to another device is an idea that we should keep in mind and not overlook for any reason.

There are things that have no remedy

But to finish, we must bear in mind that not all processors are the same and neither are their features. In basic smartphones, the performance of the applications will be limited no matter how much we follow all these processes compared to the high-end ones. These options will be useful to get a plus, but not to achieve miracles.