Cannot Log in to Google Play Games: How to Fix it

Google Play Games was born as a whole declaration of intent back in 2013, when the Mountain View company realized that Android was not just for sending messages and browsing the internet, but for much more. It was born with the idea of competing with other video game platforms, such as Xbox Live, and managing everything related to mobile games.

Some of those functions that it fulfills are to share achievements, add friends or save the progress of each game in the cloud. This progress could be synchronized on any device if you were logged in to the platform, although depending on the game, it can cause failures to log in. In fact, there is a solution to avoid this problem , and we will all share it with you.

log in google play

Accessing the settings

The most obvious option is, as in many problems that arise in Android, go to the phone settings. Going to the “Applications” section, we search for Google Play Games and carry out the well-known process: we erase cache, we erase data from the app and we uninstall updates if necessary. Finally, we restart the smartphone and reopen Play Games.

On the other hand, we can choose to uninstall the game before accessing it, to make sure that the method has been effective. You have to stay calm, the progress is not going to go to waste as we have it registered on the Google platform, we do it with the aim of having the cache start from scratch.

Google Play App Games

On several occasions, it has happened that when we carry certain progress saved from a game, it has stopped logging in with Play Games , for no apparent reason. In a certain update, it can happen that errors of this type arise without waiting for them, that no matter how much we restart the game, it is not logged on the platform.

It is possible that its origin comes from a failure to automatically start it , so your solution is to access the Google Play Games app. If we go to its settings, located in the three points in the upper right corner, we will see an option called “Automatically log into games that support it”, which we will deactivate and reactivate . Now when you access the game, you should already jump the bubble on the screen that you are logged in.

Special application access

We return to the device settings menu, although we are going to do something that is different from the first method. Google Play Services always go unnoticed because it is not visually present in the application box, but it is working in the background. And many times, the problem comes from there . Specifically, it may happen that these services do not have access to usage data.

When this option is deactivated, it causes the Google Services to not be able to operate with the data from Google Play Games , so it leads to that ‘desynchronization’, to call it in some way. To fix it, we go back to the “Applications” section and look for the “Special applications access” section, which is usually located in the three dots in the upper right corner or at the end of the same section. Once there, we go down until we find the “Use access” option, click on “Google Play Services”, and activate the “Allow use access” box. After all this process, the Play Games login should work.