Can iCloud be uninstalled from Mac?

Apple‘s cloud storage service, known as iCloud, is present by default on all Apple devices, both the iPhone and the iPad, and of course, also on the Mac. Surely many users have wondered if this can be uninstalled from their computers, and it is just what we are going to explain to you in this post.

The first thing you have to know and you know that iCloud is not really installed on your computer , neither on your iPhone nor on your iPad nor on any device. What iCloud provides is the possibility for users to store information in the cloud, therefore, what if it is installed on your Mac are the applications that can use , or not, this service from the Cupertino company .

Can iCloud be uninstalled from Mac

Therefore, to the question whether iCloud can be uninstalled from Mac, the answer is no, but for a simple reason, iCloud has never been installed on your Apple computer. What users can do is choose which apps can use iCloud and which ones can’t. In the same way that you can choose not to use this Apple service, let us remember, it provides 5 GB for free for all users who have a device with the apple logo.

Steps to stop using iCloud on Mac

As we told you before, the way you have to be able to “uninstall” iCloud from your Apple computer is to make all the applications that use it stop doing so. To do this, the steps you have to follow are really simple, and in just a few seconds you can get it without problems. Coming up next, we tell you.

  1. On your Mac, open System Preferences .
  2. Click ” Apple ID “.
  3. Select iCloud .
  4. Disable all apps.

iCloud en Mac

Of course, you have to keep in mind that once you do these steps, all the information you had saved in iCloud regarding those applications will be lost. Therefore, our recommendation is that before performing them, make a backup copy so that, if you regret it and want to use this Apple service again, you can recover all the data you had saved.

Delete your Apple ID from Mac

Another way that allows you to remove iCloud from your computer is by deleting your Apple ID account from your Mac, that is, logging out of your account. To carry this out, the steps are just as simple as those mentioned above, but again, you have to take into account everything you lose in terms of user experience by not using this Apple service.

  1. On your Mac, open System Preferences .
  2. Click ” Apple ID “.
  3. Select ” Overview “.
  4. Click ” Logout “.

Cerrar sesión

However, if what worries you about iCloud is the privacy of your personal data as well as the information you store in it, you should know that Apple is one of the companies that cares the most about the privacy of all users who use both its devices as its different services. In fact, you are probably facing the most secure cloud you can find.