Buy Create Custom Icons on Your OPPO Mobile

OPPO has a strong selection of devices on the market and each and every one of them has a huge focus on software. Android 11 is the latest great version of Google’s mobile operating system that we can boast of on the brand’s devices via ColorOS 1 1 but, from ColorOS7, we can customize the appearance of the mobile icons.

It is true that the latest version of the Chinese firm’s operating system, instead of having a highly themed interface, seems to point to a more standard Android appearance. However, that does not mean that, hidden in the bowels of the configuration menu, we find customization functions so effective that they go beyond changing a wallpaper or the AOD screen.

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We have the perfect example in the wide possibilities of editing the icons of your OPPO

OPPO mobile icon editor

ColorOS allows you to generate your own wallpapers, create ringtones, apply themes and much more. But what we are dealing with today is the possibility of modifying the icons without having to download third-party packages or heavy themes to achieve this aspect change. You can simply use the adaptive personalization features.

OPPO added the icon editor in ColorOS 7 in the settings menu. You can go to the home screen settings and there you will find the option to change the style of the icon. Within this menu, you will find a lot of options to change the shape, size and appearance of the icons, not only for system apps, but also for any program downloaded from the Play Store.

iconos oppo

The route you must follow to do so is to open the Settings app, Home screen and lock screen and select Icon Style. In Android 11 the route has changed and, directly, a customization menu appears where we can change the type of icon of your OPPO .

How can we create our own icons?

As soon as you open this menu, you will find 5 options at the top:

  • Default : The last type of icon created on the mobile is shown here
  • Material Style : Check this option to set the classic “Material Design” style Google icons
  • Pebble : Almost round icons inherited from OxygenOS and typical of this operating system
  • HydrogenOS : The classic icons of the old OnePlus operating system that, remember, is OPPO’s “sister”.
  • Custom : THE option to edit the shape, tamale and outline of your icons in OPPO

All these menus allow you to change the size of the icon interface and the size of the text that appears above them, but only the “custom” function will allow you to change the shape.

What does Art + mean?

Accompanying all these OPPO icon styles you will find an additional option, called “Art +” that allows us to edit the appearance of the icons to our liking. What this achieves is to alter the appearance of them towards a more modern aspect where, for example, the background of some of them is eliminated.

What if I want to install icon packs?

To install third-party icons, you must download the corresponding packages from the Play Store, but you should know that you will not be able to install them on your OPPO unless you download a special launcher that supports this type of change. Among all of them the best known and the one with the best opinions is Nova Launcher.

Download Nova Launcher

Iconos de Nova Launcher

You just have to download the app from the Google Play Store and set it as the main launcher. This will change the mobile interface and you can move on to the next point to install the icon packs.

Install the icons

Once you have Nova Launcher installed on your OPPO mobile, you have to search for an icon pack that you like in the Android app store. Once done, you must configure the launcher to change the icons of your OPPO via Nova Launcher .

  • Access the app settings by keeping your finger pressed on an empty area of the screen and enter the Settings options.
  • Within the Settings menu of Nova Launcher, you must locate the option “appearance” or “Themes”, depending on the version installed.
  • In this menu you will find an option called “Change icons” or “Change icon theme”. By clicking on it, all the packages available on the mobile that you have downloaded from Google Play will appear.
  • To apply them, select the one you want and you’re done.

How do I go back to the previous appearance?

ColorOS 11 oppo

If you want to go back to the classic interface with colorOS’s own icons , you simply have to access the application menu of your smartphone, locate the Nova Launcher app and uninstall it from the system. This will set OPPO’s own launcher by default and you will be able to customize the icons again as we have indicated a few lines above.