Why domain registration data is important

domain-registration-detaWhen we are going to register a web domain, it is very important that the data we provide for the registrar is correct and updated. Today we will explain the reasons why all the information provided to the domain registrar must be correct, and, above all, updated with our contact information.

When we register a web domain, the contact information identifies the owner of the owner of a web domain. This information we have to know that it is totally public, and serves to identify the owner of a website. It is very important that the contact information of our web domain is updated, and, in addition, they are totally correct, in case someone has to contact us.

What happens if there is some bad or not updated data

If at any time we want to change the data, or if there is any error, we must contact our reseller of the domain, or we can see if our provider allows us to make these changes from your website. These same steps have to be done if at any time we want to change the contact information of the domain administrator. It is very important that, as soon as any change occurs, we immediately notify our domain reseller.

How to know if our domain data is correct

The best way we have to check if the data is correct is to check it through Whois or from the domain reseller’s website. When someone registers a domain we must include the information that indicates who owns the domain. The whois data tells you who owns a domain in question. Some of the data contained in the Whois are the following:

  • Name of the holder and / or name of the company
  • Contact E-Mail
  • Telephone contact

When we search for Whois information from any domain we will find that it is divided into three sections.

  • Administrative Contact: here we will get the contact information for administrative issues
  • Technical Contact: if there is a problem or technical doubt, the contact listed here is the one who has to help us.
  • Registrar Contact: here will come out who has registered the web domain.

Private whois

For different reasons we will see below, we may want to hide the contact information contained in the whois of our website. Some of the main reasons may be:

  • Protect our digital identity: if we do not want anyone to know who owns the domain, we must use a domain registrar that offers us the private whois service.
  • Avoid spam or spam: if we want to prevent SPAM from being sent to us by email, we must use a domain registrar that offers us the private whois service.
  • The theme of the website: depending on what content we have on our website, we may be interested that the data of the domain owner is not public. For this reason, we may be interested in using a domain registrar that offers us the private whois service.

We have to be clear that data hiding is not total. In case of a court order, whois data will be delivered by the domain registrar. An important detail is that not all domains can have private whois. Only the generic domains that are managed by ICANN allow the use of whois protection. On the other hand, the “.es” domains, being managed by “Red.es”, do not allow to hide the registration data in the whois. That is, anyone can check the whois data of the “.es” domains.

We have to be very clear and keep in mind that when we register a domain we have to provide the true data and that they are all correct. If we are interested in hiding this data, we must opt for a domain registrar that offers private whois in the generic domains.