Browse Faster with Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Although today many components have the name "gaming" in their name, they are not better qualified to be considered as such. However, in the case of a gaming monitor, there are a number of features that a user must take into account when choosing the model. In this article we will make a summary of all of them. And why they are important when deciding on one model or another.

Internet browsers, whether on our desktops or mobile devices, have become very important programs. So much so, that in a single session some of us spend many hours a day using proposals like Firefox or Chrome.

It is precisely for all this that the developers of these programs do everything on their part so that the experience of their users is complete. To do this they put at our disposal all the functions and features necessary to get the most out of the program. But that's not all, but also want to "steal" customers from the competition so that their product continues to gain importance and market penetration.

Keyboard ShortcutsAs we have told you over the past few years, the search giant, Chrome, has long been the undisputed leader in the sector. That is why Google puts all its efforts to mitigate the failures, defects and shortcomings of its program. This achieves loyalty users, attract new ones, and improve the general use of Chrome. In a browser there are several sections to consider: reliability, security, stability and functionality.

Keep in mind that, in addition to its intensive use, this is the software we use to access the Internet, with the potential dangers that this entails. That is why the browser should protect us, as far as possible, from those dangers. But at the same time, it must be a stable program and that we can use with ease and speed. And not only does the software come in as such, but users must also do much on their part.

That is why we are going to show you a series of keyboard shortcuts that will help you when using the browser in a much more fluid way. It is evident that in principle you will have to memorize the ones that you are going to use the most, but with time you will appreciate it.

Keyboard shortcuts for the address bar

The address bar is one of the most used elements of browsers in general, so knowing how to move through it with ease is key.

  • Go to the address bar: F6 or Alt + D
  • Add "www." And ".com" to the name typed: name + CTRL + Enter
  • Search in a new tab: name + Alt + Enter
  • Search from any loaded web site: CTRL + K

Shortcuts to the most used Chrome features

As we have commented previously, this is a widely used and widespread browser worldwide. Not surprisingly, it offers a huge number of functions and features that help us get the most out of the program. That is why we will show you some of the most important shortcuts to work faster.

  • Open task manager: Shift + Esc
  • Open tools for developers: CTRL + Shift + J or F12
  • Open options to clear navigation data: CTRL + Shift + Delete
  • Open the Help Center: F1
  • Open Chrome menu: Alt + F or Alt + E
  • Open bookmarks: CTRL + Shift + O
  • Show and hide bookmarks bar: CTRL + Shift + B
  • Open History in new tab: CTRL + H
  • Downloads page in new tab: CTRL + J
  • Go to the first toolbar item: Shift + Alt + T
  • Go to the last toolbar item: F10
  • Open the search bar: F3 or CTRL + F
  • Go to the next search bar result: CTRL + G
  • Go to the previous result: CTRL + Shift + G
  • Log in with another user or as a guest: CTRL + Shift + M

Function shortcuts on loaded websites

It is evident that one of the main reasons why we use these browsers is to visit many web pages. Whether of one type or another, to interact or just as a query, we access hundreds or thousands of websites from these programs. Therefore, being able to move and handle these elements in the most fluid way possible, will also be of great help in Chrome.

  • Print the current page: CTRL + P
  • Save the current page: CTRL + S
  • Reload page: F5 or CTRL + R
  • Reload current page without cached content: Shift + F5
  • Stop Charge: Esc
  • Move forward by the elements with link: Tab
  • Scroll back through the linked elements: Shift + Tab
  • Open a file: CTRL + O
  • Zoom zoom: CTRL +
  • Zoom out: CTRL -
  • Show HTML source code: CTRL + U
  • Add bookmarks page: CTRL + D
  • Add all tabs as bookmarks in a folder: Ctrl + Shift + D
  • Scroll horizontally: Shift + mouse wheel
  • Open main page in the current tab: Alt + Home
  • Full screen: F11
  • Scroll down: space
  • Scroll up: Shift + space
  • Go to top of page: Home
  • Go to the bottom of the page: End

Basic Google Chrome shortcuts

There are a series of keyboard shortcuts that will be useful to carry out the most basic tasks with the browser, which are precisely what we are going to show you below. As it is easy to imagine, these are the ones that we are going to use more frequently, so we will get used to its use quickly.

  • New window: CTRL + N
  • New window in incognito mode: CTRL + Shift + N
  • New tab: CTRL + T
  • Reopen closed tabs: CTRL + Shift + T
  • Go to the next tab: CTRL + Tab
  • Go to the previous tab: CTRL + Shift + Tab
  • Go to a specific tab: from CTRL + 1 to CTRL + 8
  • Open main page in the current tab: Alt + Home
  • Open previous history page: Alt + Left arrow
  • Open the following history page: Alt + Right arrow
  • Close tab: Ctrl + F4
  • Close window: Alt + F4
  • Minimize window: Alt + Space + N
  • Maximize window: Alt + Space + X
  • Close Chrome: Alt + F4

Mouse shortcuts

And finally, we will tell you that the mouse can become a great ally in these cases when handling Chrome with ease, as we will show you below.

  • Open a link in a tab: drag link
  • Open a link in a tab: CTRL + click
  • Open a link and access it: CTRL + Shift + click
  • Open a link in a new window: Shift + click
  • Open tab in a new window: Drag the tab
  • Save a web as a bookmark: Drag URL to the bookmarks bar
  • Download content from a link: Alt + click