Google Brings Back a Deleted Feature in the Last Update

The current Internet browsers do not cease their evolution, one of the main reasons for this, its widespread use at the moment. For all this, users of proposals such as Firefox or Chrome ask developers for more features and stability.

But of course, not only in functionality can firms like Mozilla or Google focus, but other aspects are also important. This is where sections such as security or the appearance of the user interface come into play. But in most cases, despite the efforts of these firms, users use third-party extensions to squeeze these programs a little more.

Similarly, on exceptional occasions, the creators of web browsers take a step back in their projects, bringing functions removed in the past. This is the case that now concerns us with the most used software of this type, Google Chrome. We tell you all this because these moments just arrived a new update to the stable version of Chrome 78. First of all, we will tell you that it corrects a total of 5 security flaws detected, but that is not all.Google Chrome

Google brings back a deleted Chrome feature

And it is that at the same time the search giant has decided to bring back the program the option "Close the other tabs", available to all users. This is something we get back after receiving and installing the new update sent and adding this feature. Thus, the software reaches version 78.0.3904.0.108, so for this we have to place ourselves in the program menu and click on “Help / Google Chrome Information” to download and install the update.

In this way, the change log mentions the return of the popular Chrome tabs context menu option that had been recently deleted. A Chromium employee notes that they reconsidered the change after hearing user comments. After that, the firm realized that the Chrome interface offers no other way to close other tabs, hence its return. Therefore, this is something that we can check first hand when accessing the context menu of any tab after updating.

The update corrects 5 vulnerabilities in the browser

Therefore, as we have seen, the firm has somehow recognized its error after eliminating this option in the past and hearing the complaints of its users. Due to the impossibility of performing the same task from any other part of the interface, those of Mountain View bring it back. In fact, this happened after analyzing the use of the options in the context menu of the tabs by the users.

We must bear in mind that the functions that these extended programs present to us today are many, some accessible from several sites. However, there are, as is the case, that can only be executed in one way, hence Google has reconsidered its previous decision. Also, keep in mind that working efficiently with tabs in Chrome is increasingly important.