Brawlhalla: Are there any tricks to get free mammoth coins?

Brawlhalla is one of the most popular fighting video games of recent years since it is the closest thing to Super Smash Bros that you can find outside of a Nintendo console. As is currently usual in free to play, it has microtransactions with which you can purchase various skins for your characters.

get free mammoth coins

The payment currency in Brawlhalla are known as mammoth coins . There are many players who wonder if there are ways to get them for free and without having to go through the box. Well, the truth is that there is a completely legal way and without using any type of hack to get mammoth coins without paying.

Through an app

If you want to get some of the incredible collaborative appearances that Brawlhalla contains, you can do so with this method whether you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone.

The first thing you should do is go to Google Play and enter AppNana in the store’s search engine. If your device is from Apple, go to the browser and enter and press download.

Interfaz AppNana AppNana is a software where you can get points (called Nanas) to exchange for different prizes . The gifts you can get are related to various video games. Among them you will find Brawlhalla and her mammoth coins.

Get Nanas

The way to earn Nanas in the application is to download other apps that you will find inside. Once your points have been collected, you can eliminate them without any problem. That is, no one will be able to take them off.

In addition, if you register you will receive the considerable amount of 15,000 Nanas. On the other hand, if you enter the code “g27148095” they will give you another 2,500 completely free of charge.

When you collect the necessary points you will only have to look in the list of prizes for the Brawlhalla coins . After that, select it and you will get your gift card that you will have to redeem later in Google Play or App Store.

How the key is redeemed

Despite the fact that a huge number of applications have cards that you can redeem in the virtual stores of the respective smartphones, not everyone knows how to access this option.

Canjear regalo Google Play

If you have an Android terminal, you must access the Play Store, enter your profile and select the ‘Payments and subscriptions’ section . Inside it you will find the section ‘Redeem gift code’.

The case of Apple is quite similar, since you have to enter the App Store and go to your profile. If you look closely, you will easily come across the option ‘Redeem code or gift card’.