The most curious functions of the Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi smartbands are one of the most popular accessories currently in the technology sector. These have a multitude of functions that allow us to control our phone and physical condition in just an instant and in a very accessible way.

The Mi Band are becoming more advanced and integrate a greater number of tools to make our day to day easier for us. These advances bring with them new interesting and curious features that not everyone knows about, but that can sometimes be very useful.

most curious functions of the Xiaomi Mi Band

Customize vibrations

It is possibly one of the most useful properties that you can make use of. With your Mi Band you can customize to your liking the different vibrations that the device will execute depending on the application that shows the notification. Several users have reported problems related to the vibration of the device, so it is recommended that you check first if it is working properly.

Through it you can configure the type of vibration to identify it . This way you will know if you have received an important message or it is only a WhatsApp group.

Mi Band 4 vibración

To activate this function you must access the settings of your bracelet from the Mi Fit application on your mobile. Inside it you will find the option ‘Vibration’. In this section you can indicate which notifications you want to configure (alarms, calls, messages …).

In the lower area, click on ‘Add’. All you have to do now is place your finger on the symbol that appears on the phone, sticking to the pattern you want to customize. When you finish select ‘Stop’ to end the process.

Loss lock

You can enter a security key to your Mi Band if you remove it from your wrist. This functionality is only available from the Mi Band 6, since previously if you lost your bracelet, anyone could reset it to the factory as usual or observe certain data.

Now our information will be kept safe in any situation. Activating this option is extremely simple. Enter the Mi Fit app again, since from it you will normally perform all these settings.

mi Smart Band 6

Access the settings and tap on ‘Wrist block’. After that, click on the password section and add it. By clicking on saving our smartband it will be protected as long as we do not have it on us.

Sports detection

Your bracelet can automatically recognize the sport you are doing. However, this tool does not detect any type of exercise, only some more basic ones: walking, running, cycling, elliptical and rowing machine.

Here the procedure is different , as you must access the settings from the Mi Band itself. Once inside, look for the option ‘Detect activity’, then click on ‘Detection type’ and select the sports to which you want your bracelet to adapt automatically.