Bluetti AC200P: Super External Battery for Charging All Kinds of Devices

If you like adventure or you plan to become a digital nomad and you do not want to see yourself without battery in your devices, watch out. The PowerOak Bluetti AC200P is a portable external battery with which it will seem that you carry a “super nova” with you. Because you can connect anything to it, even an electric saw if you have it when you go camping in the mountains.

A portable power station

Bluetti AC200P
The PowerOak Bluetti AC200P is an external battery of enormous capacity with which you can stop worrying about the autonomy of your devices when you are away from home for several days or you are not sure that you are going to find an electrical outlet.

And is that this box can store 2,000 Wh or what is the same about 166,000 mAh . To give you an idea, mobile phones offer 4,500 mAh batteries, so with this battery you could charge it about 47 times. Of course, not only the mobile, but also other devices such as tablets, laptops and much more.

Of course, for obvious size reasons it is a portable solution, but not one that you can comfortably carry in your pocket or a backpack. With almost 27 kg of weight and generous dimensions, it is the product that a traveler would carry in his car, caravan or motorcycle prepared for all this adventure.

However, before proceeding further, a review of its most important technical characteristics.

Technical characteristics

  • Dimensions 41.9 x 38.6 x 27.9 cm
  • Weight 27 kg
  • High capacity lithium battery (166,000 mAh)
  • 2 AC 220V / 230V sockets
  • 1 USB C Power Delivery 2.0 connector with 60W potential
  • 4 USB ports a (5V / 3A)
  • Two 15W wireless charging zones
  • 1 PV 35-150V and 12A charging connector
  • Fan for intelligent temperature cooling
  • Touchscreen LCD control panel for configuration settings and information

Goodbye to cargo problems on your travels

As we have said, the PowerOak Bluetti AC200P is a battery that is really designed to take with you when you go on a trip in your car, caravan or similar. That is, a vehicle that allows you to transport it comfortably and even serve to, in turn, recharge this battery while you move from one point to another and take advantage of the energy generated by the vehicle. Although, as you will see, there are also other recharging options.

So, knowing this, with this little “super nova” you will be able to say goodbye to the possible charging problems that you may have suffered in the past. What’s more, not only will you be able to give multiple charges to devices such as mobile phones, tablets or computers, etc. With this battery you could even power a household appliance, power tools and much more thanks to the two AC sockets included.

About the operation, little to comment, there is no mystery since when you want to charge a device in question you will only have to connect its cable or power adapter to the appropriate outlet. All those that are USB C will be able to take advantage of the same connection with Power Delivery 2.0 of 60W, those with USB A cables therefore to the four connectors of this type. And those that make use of their own adapter as the included alternating current plugs.

And so you can see that this is a well thought-out product, they also offer two zones compatible with wireless charging that will make it easier for you to give all those compatible devices an extra autonomy without having to go looking for their cable.

How to charge the PowerOak BLUETTI AC200P

At this point you may wonder that this is all great, but how do you charge this mammoth external battery? Well, there are several options so that you can choose the one that best suits you in each moment or situation. The only thing you have to know is the time each one of them will take, so that you always choose the best option.

The recharge options are as follows:

  • Connecting it to the electrical current : being able to connect it to a plug is the first option and the most optimal in terms of the time required, which is the lowest and in a matter of 4 hours you would go from 0% to having the battery at the maximum of load
  • Use of solar panels: the second option is through the use of a series of solar panels that are purchased separately, but for regular travelers it is or may be the most suitable solution as it gives you much more freedom. Ideal for when you set up a base camp. The charging time of this system would oscillate between 4 and 7 hours depending on the lighting conditions
  • 12V vehicle socket: This is the third method and can also be a good option for when you are moving from one point to another. You can take advantage of the energy generated by the vehicle to be able to charge it while you move from one point to another. Here the charging time would go to about 14 hours

Strong, reliable and versatile

The PowerOak Bluetti AC200P is a very striking and interesting proposal if you have those needs for which it was designed: charging any type of electronic device or powering other electrical devices when needed, regardless of the power required by each one.

All this, in addition, he does it safely which is always important. Because the battery includes a controller and an LCD screen that allows you to know aspects such as the remaining battery, the voltage it is supplying and the temperature at all times.

This temperature in turn is regulated with fans that always keep it at optimal values, to avoid any possible problem or scare while using it thanks to this management system (BMS, Battery Manager System) that protects from possible overloads and short circuits .

In addition, durability is also ensured with a minimum of 3,500 total load clicks. In other words, it would be the equivalent of being able to charge your mobile about 100,000 times. So now you know, if you feel like adventure and don’t want to run out of battery, this PowerOak solution may be the ideal one and now you can take advantage of a summer promotion to save even more. Depending on the battery model you can save up to 150 euros and if you add the solar panels to recharge it wherever you go, then reach a total of 300 euros less . A saving that is not bad at all, but beware that it will only be available until June 30.

By the way, if your needs are not so high, you can also opt for one of the models that have a lower capacity such as the PowerOak Bluetti AC50S. Smaller, but just as versatile for your weekend adventures.