Bluetooth Speakers Discount: Great Deals to Buy Complete Models

Surely on more than one occasion you have wanted to enjoy your favorite music and could not since you were not at home (and the quality offered by your smartphone or tablet is not exactly the best). If you want to change this, what you have to do is opt for Bluetooth speakers since they are exactly what you need. We show several models with very important discounts that are sure to convince you.

All the models that we have chosen and that are on offer ensure a good quality , both in what has to do with its manufacture and in the sound that they are capable of reproducing. In addition, and thanks to the internal batteries that include -and are rechargeable- they can be used for a long time without charging them. By the way, some models are designed for the more adventurous , since they even offer protection against water.

In what has to do with the purchase of each of the chosen Bluetooth speakers , this is done in online stores . This allows, in a simple way, to obtain them without having to leave home and, as they are pages of recognized prestige , you will not have problems with the reception of the model that you select among all the proposed ones.

The Bluetooth speakers on offer that you should not miss right now

Next, we leave each of the links so you can get the accessories that we indicate. They all use Bluetooth technology to communicate with sound sources, which ensures excellent and wide compatibility:

Sony SRS-XB12

One of the great virtues offered by this accessory is that it offers ample autonomy with only one load, since it arrives at 16 hours. With an attractive design and action buttons on the housings itself, this model has no problems with dust and water as it offers compatibility with the IP67 standard. In the sound section, it is necessary to highlight the inclusion of Extra Bass technology that improves the bass. It only weighs 245 grams and its offer is 40%.

Altavoz Bluetooth Sony SRS-XB12

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3

This is one of the Bluetooth speakers that offers a more striking design, especially due to its cylindrical appearance. The sound, thanks to its lines, is 360 degrees, and offers resistance to water and dust (IP67). In the section of the sound itself, it should be noted that its maximum sound level is 90 dBA thanks to its two transducers of five centimeters. With a discount of 49%, the autonomy offered, according to the manufacturer, is 15 hours, which is not bad.

Altavoz Bluetooth Ultimate Ears BOOM 3

Bose SoundLink Micro

If this model stands out for anything, it is because of its dimensions, which are only 3.6 x 9.9 x 9.9 centimeters (and its weight is less than 300 grams). With a flat shape reminiscent of Sony Discman years ago, it offers IPX7 protection so there is no problem with splashes. Its lower grip allows you to carry it hanging even from the belt, and by integrating a microphone allows you to access the voice assistant that is used in the smartphone. Your discount is now 23%.

Altavoz Bose SoundLink Micro

Samsung Level Box Slim

With water resistance, if there is something that catches the attention of this blue model, it allows you to charge the devices that connect to it with a Bluetooth cable. There is no lack of control buttons on the plastic-finished housing and, in addition, its autonomy exceeds 10 hours, making it a fairly complete model. With a discount of 30%, integrating a microphone allows you to use it as a hands-free, so you can contrast the calls simply without touching the smartphone.

Altavoz Bluetooth Samsung Level Box Slim


Another of the Bluetooth speakers that are on offer that we believe is worth it for everything it offers. An example is that if reinforced design which ensures that there are no problems with wing falls and, in addition, it is waterproof. Inside it includes an independent 4,000 mAh battery that allows mobile devices to be recharged, and in relation to sound, it must be indicated that it has 6 W of power. It is something heavy, 490 grams, but it is logical with its claims. You now have a good discount: 41% of its original price.

Altavoz Bluetooth SENBONO A6