Echo Dot: Great Discount to buy This Speaker with the Alexa Assistant

Echo-Dot-mesaOne of the key accessories to make a home smart, beyond the Internet connection, is to have a voice assistant that allows you to easily manage all the devices that are installed. One of the most advanced that exists today is Amazon Alexa, and to have it available in the rooms a good option is to buy an Echo Dot , which is currently on sale .

This device inside includes the development of which we speak that, by the way, offers configuration and management applications for both the iOS operating system and for Android , so the compatibility in this section is excellent. With a circular design finished in plastic and fabric, its small dimensions – 43 x 99 x 99 centimeters – allow it to be placed virtually anywhere in the house. Thus, this can be the device that wakes you up in the morning and that is on the bedside table (since its LED only illuminates in the case of having any novelty and, even, it is possible to turn it off completely as it happens with microphones to ensure maximum privacy).

Altavoz Inteligente Amazon Echo Dot

The connectivity offered by Echo Dot is very wide, since on the one hand it allows you to use WiFi networks so that the Alexa assistant can properly access the Internet and look for answers or additional use options that are useful for the user (and, in addition , this is the interface used for the configuration). In addition, a Bluetooth chip is included inside to synchronize with other devices and exercise voice control – which, incidentally, does not work on macOS.

Usage options offered by the Echo Dot smart speaker

Apart from the aforementioned management of other compatible devices, such as light bulbs, speakers with Alexa or Smart TV , it is possible to know the route to reach a place. In this way know the time it will take until the time it is doing anywhere in the world. But if there is something that stands out in the Amazon product range is the use of Skills , since with them the available options are expanded. In this way, you can add possibilities such as game or dictation of recipes (there are hundreds available). It is even possible to place orders directly to the online store with the registered user.

With direct access buttons in the upper area of Echo Dot, which allow you to control the volume offered by the assistant to cancel the operation of the microphones that record what is said. Inside this accessory includes a 15 mm speaker that is also a correct solution for listening to music – even from services like Spotify or TuneIn – and that, in addition, can be combined with other models that are part of the smart speakers from Amazon.

Buy this speaker on sale right now

If you want to take the Alexa assistant to your home or the intention is to increase your presence in a room or in the kitchen, this device is a good option that now has a discount of 42% , so it can be achieved by paying less than 35 euros, a fairly sensible amount. We leave below the link to get the Echo Dot in the Amazon online store: