The Best Xiaomi Accessories to Take Care of Your Health

The manufacturer’s catalog of solutions is simply overwhelming. Yes, the manufacturer made itself known through its complete telephony division, with an offer where the value for money made Xiaomi become one of the sector’s heavyweights in record time. But the Beijing-based firm has more products than you can imagine.

In addition, the Asian giant knows that we take care of ourselves more and more, so it does not stop launching new products related to health. Yes, the offer is so extremely wide that it will be difficult for you to choose the best options. Therefore, we have made a top with the best Xiaomi accessories to take care of your health.

Best Xiaomi Accessories to Take Care of Your Health

Accessories to take care of your health

Well, in many more things than you imagine. Let’s take as an example a humidifier , that Xiaomi has several really interesting models. This product will help you breathe better at night, making it one of those accessories that should not be missing in winter, where the constipated ones make sleeping hell. With this product things will be a little easier.

In addition, the Asian manufacturer has a catalog of massagers of all kinds. And yes, the idea of finishing a hard working day and being able to receive a relaxing massage is a value to consider. Are you one of those who suffers like nobody from the terrible stiffness after a session in the gym? The Xiaomi fascia massage gun will make you fall in love.

As you can see, the firm based in Beijing boasts a catalog that will meet the needs of any user who wants to take care of their health. And seeing the price of all the solutions that you will find in this compilation, it is clear that they are great options to consider.

Are they really Xiaomi products?

Throughout this compilation with the best Xiaomi accessories to take care of your health, you will see more than one model that seems to be made by another brand. And it is so. But, the reason is very simple: the Asian manufacturer usually joins forces with the best firms in each sector to launch high-quality products. You just have to see the results of their alliance with Huami, from where the Mi Band family was born to make it clear that it is a total success. Without further ado, we leave you with our recommendations.

Xiaomi Mijia Youpin HL

Xiaomi Mijia Youpin HL

We start this top with a model that should not be missing from your desk. And, in this case, we are dealing with a humidifier of a very measured size, and which works through its USB port. It has a capacity of 120 milliliters, in addition to being able to add essences to give an aroma to your workspace that will allow you to improve your productivity. You just have to connect it to your laptop to enjoy a cleaner and more pleasant environment.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H

You still want a bigger model, and that is capable of covering a room with larger dimensions. In this case, the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H is one of the best options to consider. We are talking about a much more complete product, and that has more than enough capacity to purify the air of a room of up to 31 square meters, making it ideal for any corner of your home.

In addition, it comes with two HEPA filters to eliminate even the smallest trace of dust and bacteria. The icing on the cake is its support for Mijia, so you can use the Xiaomi ecosystem to control this Mi Air Purifier 2H with your mobile phone. What more can you ask!

Masajeador de cuello Jeeback G2

Jeeback G2 Neck Massager

Another accessory that should not be missing in your home to improve your health is this Jeeback G2 from the Asian manufacturer. We are talking about a neck massager that has all kinds of functionalities so that you can enjoy a well-deserved massage after a hard working day. For starters, it has a heat mode, which maintains the temperature at 42 degrees to give that pleasant feeling to your neck. On the other hand, its different motors with 360-degree rotation will perform a complete and relaxing massage so that you stay like new. Ah! And you can also control it from the mobile phone.

Masajeador Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic

Xiaomi muscle massager

If you are an athlete, this muscle massager should not be missing in your home. More than anything because it is a model capable of reaching the fasciae, allowing faster muscle recovery. Not to mention its ability to break down lactic acid, which once crystallized is the reason you suffer from the dreaded stiffness. With this massager you will not have that problem.

Uso de la báscula inteligente Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale

Xiaomi Smart Weight Scale 2

A smart scale is one of the best options to take care of your health. And this Xiaomi Smart Weight Scale 2 is an excellent example of this. We are talking about a connected model that is capable of measuring your body fat, muscle mass, percentage of fat in the organs, basal function and fluid level, so that you do not miss any parameter. In addition, after each weighing, send the information to your phone from the Mi Fit app.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Little can we say that you do not know about the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the best activity bracelet within its price range. And, even if you are not the most athletic person, just by being able to measure your heart rate in real time, in addition to the way that warns you if you have been sitting for too long, will help you take care of yourself a little more.

interfaz de la lámpara esterilizadora de Xiaomi

Xiaomi sterilizing lamp

Whether we like it or not, the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has marked a before and after in our lives. Luckily, Xiaomi has a few very interesting solutions. One of them is this germicidal lamp, which has UVC lamps signed by Philips and that are capable of eliminating 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses and germs so that you live in a disease-free environment.

Caja de desinfección Xiaomi

Xiaomi disinfection box

Okay, you were able to disinfect your home through a sterilizing lamp. But what about your personal items? Well, in this case you should bet on this manufacturer’s disinfection box. A product capable of sterilizing all kinds of products, without causing any damage to electronic devices, so you can use it with your phone, smart watch or any other object that fits inside it.

Termómetro LED

LED thermometer

Yes, within the incredible catalog of Xiaomi solutions , we find some quite mundane products. Like this signature LED thermometer, a must have in any home, especially if there are children at home. But, this model has a 9-zone system to achieve much more accurate measurements, so we are facing a product that will not disappoint you.

Xiaomi Mijia PurelyKN95

Xiaomi Mijia PurelyKN95

To close this compilation, we are going to recommend a Xiaomi mask that will be your best ally against pandemics and pollution. Yes, a KN95 certified product, which guarantees a 99.9 percent filtration of any virus, bacteria or particle, so that you breathe the purest air.

The best? That integrates a battery so that your purification system works like silk. And yes, once you have tried such a mask, you will not want to change the model.