How to Create a Folder That Cannot Be Deleted in Windows

When working with our Windows computer, we usually store files and folders that can be of great value to us and that we do not want to lose, especially if we use the computer in a shared way. The fear that this folder with very important files may be mistakenly deleted, both by ourselves and by people who may have access to the computer is there.

To avoid scares, it is important to have the possibility of creating folders where it is not possible to rename or delete, so that any type of carelessness or accident can be avoided. For this reason, today we are going to see how we can do so that these files and folders cannot be eliminated , staying safe from any catastrophe.

Although there are currently tools that allow us to encrypt files and folders to have them well protected, in the event that they are deleted by mistake, we could not recover it easily. In this way, it is possible to make these folders cannot be deleted or renamed, so we will keep all their content safe. It is ideal if we want to keep our most precious content safe in a folder, so that neither we nor anyone who can access our computer can delete it by mistake or accident and are always safe.

Create a Folder That Cannot Be Deleted in Windows

This is how you create folders that cannot be deleted

From the Command Prompt

In order for us to convert our files and folders into indelible elements from the Command Prompt tool, the use of keywords is essential. These keywords are used and reserved for programming languages and therefore cannot be used as a name for any folder. These types of words are “with”, “aux”, “prn”, “nul” and “LPT1” to “LPT9”. Basically what we are going to do is create a folder with one of those keywords so that we can save all the content that interests us, without being able to delete it, at least normally from the Windows functions.

The first thing we must do to create our indelible folders is to run Command Prompt. For this we will write Run in the Windows Start bar. Next, we will write cmd to execute the command prompt and the characteristic black window will appear.

Ejecutar cmd

For the next step, we must first change the drive, to for example D. This is important since the indelible folders cannot be created in drive C. Therefore, we write D: and press Enter.

Now we are going to create an aux folder , so we must write md aux. Later, from Windows we can access the D drive of our computer and check that the aux folder is available, which in the usual way would not have been possible.

This folder can be used to add all the content we need. Of course, we see that it is not possible to make any adjustment on the folder such as deleting or modifying the name . We can also use the same method to create folders with terms specific to the operating system. In this way we can use other keywords previously seen as “LPT1” to “LPT9”, “with”, etc. In this way we can have our files safely in those folders.

Although we have created indelible folders that we cannot erase in the traditional way, we can erase it in the same way that we created them from the System Symbols tool.

For this we will write Run and cmd again to open the Command Prompt application. Next, we will go to unit D and this time we can go to aux and press Enter . In this way, the folder will be deleted. We can verify this by accessing drive D in a regular way from Windows Explorer.

Símbolo del sistema borrar carpeta

Using the folder permissions

We can also make our folder indelible through the folder’s own permissions. To do this, we must click on the folder that we want to make indelible with the right button and click on Properties . Next, click on the Security tab and then on the Edit button.

In the next window, we will modify the permissions on the folder and click on the Add button. Later we will select All and press OK. Finally, click on Full Control in the Deny column . All that remains is to press Apply and OK to save the changes and prevent anyone from deleting the folder.