The Best Websites to Read Comics Online

If you are a fan of Marvel movies, the DC Universe or other types of productions like HBO‘s Watchmen series, you should read comics. Yes, because they are not only a way to access additional stories, but also to discover details that for screenplay reasons are not always told in movies.

Comics, many comics

Comics have always been one of the best ways to consume stories of all kinds, but especially related to science fiction, superheroes, terror, etc. With the popularity of many series and films, interest in this type of medium increased, but still some people do not know how to access them, especially in digital format.

Therefore, if you have recently seen movies like Marvel, DC or other fantastic series such as Locke & Key , The Witcher, Watchmen, The Boys, etc., many of them available on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime or Disney + , we are convinced that you will be interested in these services that we will talk about below. Because not only are you going to be able to know other stories related to its protagonists, but also interesting details that due to screenplay themes are usually ignored in what we see.

Ah, if you are wondering how to read them, in addition to being able to acquire them physically, here the idea is to do it through your computer or mobile device. And if it is a tablet, even better, because the size of its screen is more similar to the experience that the panel version would offer us.


Comixology is an Amazon company and, in turn, one of the largest online comic services. The catalog is so wide and varied that it may even be difficult to know what to read. Within the platform you can find the titles of Marvel or DC among many more. So, if for example you are a fan of Spiderman, Captain America, Batman, Wonder Woman or you want to get to know The Eternis, here you will find them.

As a company within Amazon, you can take advantage of your account to log in and make purchases. The price of each comic varies, although most are usually around 4 or 5 euros. Of course, they are in English , but if you have no problems it is an option to consider.

One last note, there is a selection of quite interesting free comics , such as Stranger Things or some other series that surely sounds to you by this on everyone’s lips in recent years.

The best

  • A very extensive catalog
  • Integration with your Amazon account
  • DRM free
  • Free Comics


  • Catalog of comics in English
  • No subscription service

Marvel Comics Unlimited

If the only comics that interest you with those related to the Marvel universe, then your choice is Marvel Unlimited. This service offers a catalog of around 27,000 titles that you can access through its application for mobile devices.

The price of the service is like that of any other under the subscription model. You pay $ 9.99 a month and you have access to everything. Although before we recommend that you try the free period of 7 days . For what values if you are interested or not. And remember, download the app for Android and iOS devices to access Marvel Unlimited.

The best

  • Over 27,000 Marvel comics
  • Subscription service, $ 9.99 per month
  • IOS and Android application


  • For Marvel fans only
  • Catalog in english

DC Entertainment

Like Marvel, DC also has its own service that gives access to its extensive catalog of comics. The only problem is that the subscription service is not active in Spain, but only for its offer of free comics is it worth considering.

The best

  • Complete DC Catalog


  • Catalog in english
  • Unlimited subscription option not available outside the US


Finally, if instead of so much American comic you are more interested in anime and manga , the solution is found in VIZ . Here there is still a lot of material from series that have also been brought to the small screen, such as My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball or One-Ounch Man.

When you access Viz and do a search, when selecting a title to buy you will see that the physical and digital option appears. It is the second one that you must choose as is logical.

The best

  • Wide catalog of anime and manga
  • Option to buy physical and digital


  • Content in English