5 Best Cheap 4K Smart TVs: Models and Price

`If there is no budget limit it is easy to choose a new television. You simply go to the catalog of any manufacturer, select its high range and choose based on the screen diagonal that best suits your needs. But what if there is a maximum you can spend? For that here you have the best cheap 4K TVs.

4K at the best price

The differences between a high-end TV and a lower-end TV are clearly noticeable. If you have a minimally trained view you know how to appreciate the differences in the levels of brightness, contrast, depth of blacks, etc. Still, the evolution in the manufacturing processes of LED panels has reduced prices and that makes these quality leaps more acceptable.

cheap 4k smart tv

Therefore, if you do not want to spend the close to 1,500 or 2,000 euros that can cost high ranges (even more depending on the type of panel used) there are models that without sacrificing a screen diagonal offer an attractive price-quality ratio for the vast majority . Perfect for, among other uses, enjoying the arrival of Disney + movies and series .

How have we chosen the proposed televisions? Firstly, based on experience after years testing different product ranges. Secondly, trying to make the relationship between the diagonal and its cost similar. And finally, looking for models that offer what is practically already considered essential: access to Netflix, YouTube and some other applications.

With these criteria and the idea of having a cheap 4K screen with good image quality , these are the best options.

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4s

The Xiaomi Mi LED 4S is the first and great proposal on its own merits. When we analyzed this model we already said it, it lives up to expectations. And it is that we not only have a 55-inch diagonal, 4K resolution and a more than correct design, also Android TV.

As a weak point is its Edge LED type backlight system, but it is something that is perfectly tolerated if you are not too demanding. If so, it is obvious that you would have to bet on high-end or OLED panels with better control of the panel lighting by zones. But what has been said, at these prices, both the 43 and 55-inch models are irresistible.

Xiaomi L55M5 LED-TV 138.8cm 55 Zoll EEK A (A +++ – D) DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S, UHD, Smart TV, WLAN, Ci +

EUR 540.00

Samsung UE50RU7475

Samsung can not miss in any list of televisions, it does not matter if it is high or low range. The manufacturer offers such a wide catalog that it is practically impossible not to find a good option within it. The Samsung UE50RU7475 TV is one of them.

This screen, available in several diagonals and among which we have chosen the 50-inch one, offers a correct design. Its base is perhaps the least convincing, but if you intend to hang it on the wall there is no problem.

For the rest, it is a screen with a good performance, 4K panel, HDR support and all the advantages of the Samsung operating system for its Smart TV section. So you will have no trouble accessing the vast majority of online content services you need.

EUR 439.99

Philips 55PUS6704

The main value and attraction of Philips TVs has been its Ambilight system for years. In this case you have a three-sided Ambilight with which you will be able to enjoy a very different visual experience. And no, it is not just another device. It is true that there will be those who value this feature more or less, but in general it contributes a lot.

Along with Ambilight, the Philips 55PUS6704 offers a 55-inch 4K panel and a correct design. If you are looking for a big screen and a good experience at an attractive price, it is a great option. Its weak point is the operating system.

It makes use of SAPHI and it gives access to Netflix, YouTube and other services, but it is not a guarantee that new services will always arrive. If I used Android TV as the high-end it would be more attractive, although if you already have a set top box or similar there is no problem.

EUR 491.58

LG 43UM7500

The IPS panels mounted by LG on their televisions have always offered good performance. It is true that the brand is known more lately for its OLED range, but that does not mean that in cheaper models they are not able to offer a good value for money.

This 43-inch LG, 4K resolution and HDR support is a good option for those looking for a TV for the living room and do not need or can fit a 55 or 65-inch one. In addition, it integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can take advantage of your Smart Home from the TV itself. And yes, your Smart TV system is webOS in its latest version 4.5.

EUR 396.99

Sony KD-55XG7096

This Sony proposal would not have entered this selection if it were not for its current price. It normally costs 900 euros, but with a 36% discount it is worth considering. On a technical level, it offers a 55-inch panel, 4K resolution and HDR support that would only need to use Android TV as an operating system to round off a super attractive bet.

In this case we have a Linux-based operating system, there is access to apps like YouTube or Netflix, but if you want more options, the possibility of installing other types of applications falls somewhat short. Something similar to what happens to the Philips TV, but evaluating the panel and the image quality is worth it.

Sony KD-55XG7096BAEP – 4K HDR Television (Smart TV, Triluminos, 4K X-Reality PRO processor, HDR, voice control, ClearAudio +)

EUR 575.40

How to choose a good cheap Smart TV

As you can see, these are just some models of Smart TVs with 4K panels and cheap price. They are the most interesting to us today. But if you want to consider other options, here are some points that you should consider to choose well.

  • Screen size : by production, diagonals such as 43 or 55 inches are usually cheaper than 50. Therefore, check the different options it offers and assess whether for a little extra it is more worthwhile to have more diagonal. What’s more, if you have space, always acquire the one that offers the largest size, because you end up getting used to it.
  • Resolution and type of panel : from 40 inches the usual thing is to have 4K resolution. Regarding the type of panel, most brands use IPS panels that make brands like LG so you can be sure of the quality they will offer. Anyway, VA panels don’t discard them.
  • Sound : although it is responsible for 50% of the experience, do not get obese because most will offer very similar audio. And if you want to enjoy even more, you will have to resort to an external sound system.
  • Smart TV : similar to the audio theme, the ideal would be webOS, Android TV or Samsung’s Smart TV. If not, you can always turn to an Amazon Fire TV Stick or other Android TV-based set top boxes. Even on an Apple TV if you are attracted to Apple products.

Keeping these four points in mind and setting the maximum you are willing to spend, it is easy to find a good 4K TV at an affordable price.