Best Voice Changer Apps to Change Your Voice During a Call

If you have risen wanting to make someone laugh and you also want to feel like The Professor in 'The Paper House', pay attention. Today we are going to show you a few applications so that you can distort your voice during a phone call or you can rehearse a bit before playing with your own voice.

The most popular voice changers

There are different applications in the Google Play Store to distort your voice with fun effects. In this article we give you some ideas to change your voice while making a phone call or just record it to send it to whoever you want through a social network. Whether you are experimenting with your own voice, or if you want to call someone, you should know that some of the applications we propose below are free but offer premium services within them.

Voice changer with effects - Record and modify

This app is not valid for calls. What it is for is to record your voice, saying what you want, and then apply filters and effects that will change your tone for a more serious, or more acute tone. The good thing is that you can apply the filters afterwards as many times as you want, without recording new messages. And when we have recorded the message, and we have applied a filter, then we can share it with anyone we want through any app.


Something very useful about this application is that in addition to modifying your voice, it will eliminate the id of your call so that it is anonymous for the contact you are calling. It also has a function with which you can add background noise to your call, so that it looks more realistic. The disadvantage of this app is that you have few free minutes to enjoy it. It may be useful to experiment for the first time.

Allogag Voice Changer

Although this app is paid, it allows you to change your voice by adjusting the bass and treble, which will give you a more realistic result. In addition, you can continue editing your voice as many times as you want even with the call-in progress. If you wish, you can also use the effects that come standard that will transform your voice into that of a squirrel, that of Darth Vader or that of an alien, for example.

Best Voice Changer - Record, Apply Filters and Share

Although its name may sound somewhat pretentious, we recommend it because it is completely free. With it you can record your voice with lots of fun effects and then share it with whoever you want. The interface is not at all good, but it fulfills its function: we record what we want, and we apply any of the filters and effects we want - which are not few - to then save the audio or send it to other people.

Voice Modifier - Turn your voice the way you want

Its interface may seem somewhat outdated, and it is not at all attractive, but the application serves its purpose. With it you can experiment with your voice and see how it would sound if you were a child, an elderly person, a bee, or even pretend that you are under the influence of alcohol. There are many effects and filters that it offers us and, like many of the above, it allows us to save the audios or share them with anyone in any app.

Voice changer - Modulate your tone

In this case we do have a good interface; and although it starts on the same basis as the rest, it has something interesting and it has a voice modulator to sing. Thus, like the singers who use Autotune, you can ’tune' your voice and sound like an artist singing your favorite songs. That, and that the amount and variety of effects is really compared to apps in the same category.

Voice Changer - What if you also change from 'Ringtone'?

This option also has a good interface; and it has effects to imitate a robot, a child, an old man, a Martian and a very long etcetera. A good preview menu and, in addition to this, which almost all previous apps have, you have the option of defining our recordings as a ringtone, or as a ringtone for mobile notifications. It is much more complete than the rest.

Voice Changer - Audio Effects

Although it does not have the best interface of all, it is correct. And it is especially interesting because, although it has dozens of predefined filters, in each of them it allows us to adjust details such as speed and tone at our whim. And it is also designed to help us make our recordings sound more melodic, if singing to change songs is not exactly ours.

Voice changer with effects - Become a superhero

You can imitate your favorite superheroes yourself, but better than an application help you do it, right? Like almost all the previous ones, this app to change your voice has dozens of filters and effects, but among them there are several of well-known superheroes. That is one of the reasons why, although we have one of the above, this app should also be downloaded to our mobile devices.

VoiceFX - More effects and filters for your voice

This last option follows the example of the previous ones. We can record audios and apply effects, or we can see how these filters feel in real time. And it has some interesting aspects such as the possibility of applying Autotune, or the options to share, save in MP3 and set as a ringtone, or as a tone for notifications, for example, of WhatsApp messages sent to us.