The Best USB Adapters for an Android Mobile

Best USB Adapters for an Android Mobile

Many of you surely use the port of your mobile device to charge the smartphone or connect the headphones in case you do not have a jack input. However, you should know that it will serve us for different functions that you may never have discovered, especially if you use any of the adapters that can be found today.

Although the trend has led to a large part of phones having USB-C, the truth is that the adapters that we can find will help us to open new doors that we were not aware of. However, for the use of most of these accessories it will be necessary for our mobile device to be compatible with OTG technology. So you will have to make sure that your mobile is compatible or not.

What is this accessory for?

Many users are not aware of the great benefits of these products. But, is that at any time it may be the case that you only have one cable in your house and it is not compatible with your smartphone. Or, for example, you want to connect the camera to your mobile phone, but it does not have USB. So we would need an accessory that converts the Type C port of your phone to a normal USB and thus be able to insert the camera cable.

For this reason, there are adapters of many different shapes and ports and it will depend on what we need at each moment that we use one or the other. Although, the most common that we can find are those multipliers or adapters that have different types of port.

Galaxy S7 almacenamiento USB

It is also common for us to see that some mobiles do not have a jack input, in this way we can choose one that allows us both to charge it and to connect headphones. Therefore, there are many options available according to the needs we have.

This is why we are faced with an infinity of advantages that we must take into account before buying one in particular. However, the main advantage is, as we say, its great utility. Another example would be if we want to have several USB ports or even HDMI or VGA inputs. To do this, you only need to choose an accessory that offers us this. In this way, we will not have to buy one for each functionality we need.

Types of adapters for your mobile

Once we have verified that our smartphone is compatible with OTG technology, it is time to move on to the next step, although the truth is that it has been common for years. Therefore, the only thing we will need is to buy an adapter that is compatible with the type of port of our mobile device.

In the event that you have a smartphone with a MicroUSB port, you will have to buy a cable compatible with this type of port, while if you have a newer one, that is, with a Type C port, you should choose a product for this type. . For this reason, we will show you the best adapters for smartphones that you can find with which you can connect your mobile to a television to plug in a pen drive memory.

MicroUSB adapters

We started with an accessory for the Type C cable , basically because when leaving home we could use this one. More than anything, because having this type of accessory stored in our backpack or bag will not hurt us, since we can use the type of cable that has spread like wildfire between the terminals, so, in case we don’t we have the original charger, we can charge our mobile.

Adaptador microUSB a USB tipo C

Of course, fast charging will be excluded. However, we can be calm, since we can use it without problems on our mobile phone. In this way there will be no problem when using another cable, especially when the battery of our mobile is approaching 0 percent. This option for 4.99 euros , in which we will get two units, will be of great help, in addition to that it will not be necessary to have OTG compatibility to use it.

Connect your mobile to a traditional USB cable

If what you need is an accessory to be able to interact with a classic USB cable, such as connecting the terminal to a computer, there are also different alternatives. In addition, a positive aspect of this accessory is that we can find some models that keep us fast charging or even have version 2.0 or 3.0. As is the case with the following accessory, yes, for this accessory we will need our smartphone to be OTG compatible.

adaptador usb tradicional para el móvil

For this reason, we have opted for this Blukar adapter that will allow us a data transfer of up to 5 Gbps thanks to its USB 3.0 port. And the best of all is that we will have two, in addition to having a reduced size allow us a comfortable and uncomplicated transport. It will also allow us to charge our mobile device with another cable in which its output is not Type C.

Link your smartphone to the HDMI of a TV

We can also find products so that we can connect any mobile device to a TV through its HDMI. This will be really useful for those users who cannot live without connecting their mobile to a monitor. However, do not forget that if in your case you have a Type C cable, you have to know that they are capable of supporting resolutions of up to 4k. Of course, our television must be compatible.

Adaptador móvil a HDMI

Among the different products, we have stayed with this option from QGeeM , more than anything because it has a very affordable price. In addition, that we can have a great image quality. And its operation is really simple, since it will serve to connect our mobile with USB-C to a monitor with HDMI input. And another positive part is that no additional software is required, as it is designed to achieve the highest connectivity.

Mobile to Ethernet adapter

In the event that you need to have a stable Internet connection, and precisely, the Wi-Fi in your house does not work well. It is your lucky day, since there is the perfect accessory for those occasions. Or it can also be a fairly successful option in the event that this type of connectivity on your router breaks down. In this way, you will not have to spend mobile data at home, even if you do not have a wireless network. For this, we have opted for this UGREEN product , since it can offer us up to a network speed of 1000 Mbps. So we will not have to worry about any type of signal interruption.