The Dangers of Fast Charging on Extremely Hot Days

The Dangers of Fast Charging on Extremely Hot Days

These days we are in full heat, that time of year where Spain has the hottest days, between mid-July and mid-August. And without a doubt, these are the days when using the fast charge of our phone with a lot of heat may not be a good idea. We tell you why you shouldn’t do it.

Mobile phones increasingly have more powerful fast charges, and that translates into a greater energy input in these terminals at the same time. We must be very aware of this if we want to take maximum care of our phone.

It’s not a good idea

Surely you have a mobile with a powerful fast charge, perhaps the ones that Xiaomi or OPPO now boasts, of 65W, which allows you to charge your phone in just 30 minutes . And logically you find the battery low minimum and little time to charge it. Undoubtedly a great idea would be to use fast charging and therefore the great charger that the manufacturer provides us with so that the phone charges in the shortest possible time.

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The problem is that it’s 40 degrees outside the house, and we don’t exactly have the air conditioning on. Well, it is not a good time to charge our mobile. And it is that fast charging in itself tends to raise the temperature of the phone for obvious reasons. The exaggerated energy input into the battery causes it to increase its temperature, and therefore that of the entire phone. In the end we find that if we use this load on a hot day the long-term consequences can be serious .

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And is that this high temperature can not only damage the battery and its useful life, but also other components of the phone. Although the terminals have systems that can dissipate heat in these cases, do not tempt luck , since in certain cases this fast charge will increase the general temperature of the phone, which is already high due to the ambient temperature.

So what we do?

This is not about being smarter than anyone, doomsayers, or some “kaffirs” but only to warn that it is not a good idea to charge your mobile at full speed on a very hot day. In these cases it is common sense that should guide us. Since it is advisable to charge it quickly at night , when the temperature, even if it is high, is much lower.

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You can also use modes that optimize the charge based on your habits and lengthen it for hours if it knows that you normally do not use it at those intervals. And if you have to charge it during the day, the best thing without a doubt is that you choose to do it with a normal charger, of standard power, in this way the phone will charge slower, and therefore the temperature during this process will be lower.