The Best TVs to Play Games: Input Lag, Models and Prices

If you like to play in the living room and you intend to buy a new television, pay attention. After knowing which are the technical details that affect the most when playing, we have selected the most interesting models and for all kinds of budgets.

The best televisions for video games

best tv video games

We all like to play on a big TV. It’s like watching a good movie or series, you can do it on small screens, but the gaming experience is much more enjoyable when the diagonal is generous. Therefore, it is normal that many users prefer to do it on the living room television. Without forgetting that it is usually the place where most connect their consoles.

If you are one of them and you intend to buy a new television, this that we are going to tell you could be interesting. Because after seeing what are the key aspects that affect the gaming experience and how to choose a good television to play , now we get down to work to find those most interesting models.

Rest assured, we know that as much as there are screens with an OLED panel, super refined design and a diagonal for which you would have to make room for them at home, not everyone can pay what they cost. So the selection will go from less to more. From economic models to those that are for the most demanding and whose price is not a problem. Of course, the idea is that all the proposals offer a generous size, so you can enjoy it in a big way.

Before, a brief reminder about what we have taken into account when choosing each model:

  • Latency or input lag : ideally less than 15 ms
  • Picture modes: whether or not it has a game mode, important as it disables unnecessary algorithms and reduces latency
  • Image quality: to appreciate details when images are dark
  • Size and price ratio
  • Connections : important if we are going to connect consoles and other input sources

Samsung UE55RU8005

Screen: 4K UHD LED | Size: 55 ″ | Input Lag: 15 ms

Samsung is one of the manufacturers with the most interesting options when looking for a TV to play with LG. Among all its ranges, the RU800 series is one of the best value for money, especially if you take advantage of some specific offers that can be obtained.

On this occasion, the 55 ″ model becomes almost the best option if you do not want to make a large investment. It is true that it can continue to be a high amount if what you are going to do is play, but a good monitor is also around that price.

Along with a 4K UHD panel and support for high dynamic range content, interesting to take advantage of the advantages that many PC and console games already offer, the best thing is that it is a screen with a reduced response time.

The best

  • Reduced input lag
  • Price ratio and screen diagonal
  • FreeSync Compatible


  • Calibrated as standard, but you can adjust it
  • Brightness does not reach the level of the QLED range

LG 55SM8500

Screen: 4K UHD IPS | Size: 55 ″ | Input Lag: 14 ms

As we said, LG also offers an interesting catalog of televisions that can be perfect to play now. This model is even the superior series (SM8600) they enjoy a very low response time and that is important.

In addition, the IPS panel with Nanocell technology offers good performance in all kinds of uses. So it is also a great option for playing movies and series. If there were to be a downside, beyond the price if there is no current offer, it is that the HDR support is not a really striking change with respect to what can be seen in other proposals or higher ranges of the manufacturer.

The best

  • Four HDMI 2.0 connectors
  • IPS Panel and Local Dimming
  • Low Input Lag


  • HDR quality

Samsung Q60 / Q64R

Screen: 4K UHD QLED | Size: 55 ″ | Input Lag: 15 ms

The QLED range offers the best of Samsung in LED technology, panels that offer a very high level of brightness and a contrast that is close to the best of OLED. For this reason, practically any model in the range is interesting to play, because they also offer a very short response time.

This 55-inch model (it is by size and image quality an option that is greatly enjoyed. Also, as extras, you have all the advantages of its Smart TV section. Taking into account its relationship between quality and price, it is a good proposal if you are looking for something mid-high range.

The best

  • Reduced input lag
  • QLED panel performance
  • Maximum brightness
  • HDR
  • FreeSync


  • Viewing angles

Sony KD55XG9505

Screen: 4K UHD | Size: 55 ″ | Input Lag: 19 ms

Sony and its televisions have some striking features, although its price is true that it is not always as competitive as other proposals. But if you are looking for a good screen for almost everything, you have to take them into account.

The Sony KD55XG9505 offers a native 4K 100Hz panel, HDR support, and a Full Array lighting system. That plus four HDMI connectors make if you have somewhat higher pretensions it is a great option, both for games and series and movies. It also has a game mode, which as we mentioned helps to reduce the possible delay between what we see on the screen and our actions with the controller.

The best

  • Game mode and low Input Lag
  • Panel quality
  • Factory calibration


  • Price


Screen: 4K UHD OLED | Size: 55 ″ | Input Lag: 14 ms

An OLED screen is always a good option, the only problem is what you have to pay for them. But it is also true that in recent years their price has been reduced. This LG B9 is one of the most interesting to play.

Panel quality offers very high color rendering and detail in dark scenes. But the best thing is that, despite what you may believe, the response time is quite low. So yes, if you bet on it you will enjoy your favorite games in a big way.

By the way, the issue of panel burnout shouldn’t be overly worrying. Only if you are going to play for many hours a day at the same title you could notice that some elements are marked, but with habitual use and even something intense there should be no problems.

The best

  • Low input lag
  • Image quality
  • HDR
  • Blacks Depth


  • Price
  • Possible wear if used intensively

Other options for gamers

These are our five recommended proposals, models that guarantee a good gaming experience whether you connect the PC or, especially consoles such as the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4. In addition, they offer a 55-inch panel that, despite being large, is not impossible to fit in most rooms.

Therefore, considering that there are alternatives for all budgets, it is likely that you will find your next television to play. And yes, it is true that there are cheaper screens, but the panels no longer offer the same performance, so it is worth that extra.

However, if by any chance a gaming television is an idea that appeals to you but that is not possible for other reasons, you also have some proposals for PC gaming monitors.