How to Improve Performance on Huawei Phones with EMUI 10

We never have enough power in our mobiles, especially when they have been with us for several years or we will use it to play games and other needs that require more capabilities. Luckily for Huawei mobile users, improving the performance of their mobile phones is a simple task, given that EMUI 10 puts its possibilities on the tray for users.

On other occasions we have been able to know many of the tricks of EMUI 10 for Huawei mobiles and now it is time for what everyone wants on some occasion, to improve performance. It does not matter if our mobile is an entry-level, mid-range or high-end range of the company. In all of us we will be able to squeeze all the power of the processor and focus its capabilities on the tasks that we are going to perform.

emui 10

Steps to follow to increase power in EMUI 10

To achieve the desired performance on our Huawei mobile, we have to carry out a really simple process. The developers of EMUI 10 have put us on a tray an option with which it will be very easy and comfortable to improve the results of our Huawei mobile . The only thing we have to do is enter Settings> Battery and inside, we will find the option called “Maximum performance mode”.

mejorar rendimiento huawei con emui 10

As we can see in the images where we show you the steps, there is a great difference in the remaining battery time on our mobile phone when activating this maximum performance mode and the remaining time that appears just below the battery percentage, something that we must take into account and that we are going to know in depth.

How high-performance mode affects our mobile

Getting to increase the power of EMUI 10 is a very simple task as we have seen, but we must take into account several factors. The first of these is the battery , as we have been able to verify, the use time will be drastically reduced and we could run out of battery sooner than expected.

potencia inteligencia procesador kirin huawei

By activating this mode, what we are saying to our Huawei mobile is that it activate the full potential of the processor, RAM and other components to do the tasks as quickly as possible. This will be done by increasing the clock frequency and drastically freeing older processes from RAM.

When should we use this mode

It is an option that we should activate when playing a very demanding game or when we are going to edit photos or videos from the mobile, for example. However, we should not use it excessively, since most of our mobile tasks such as visiting social networks, using cameras or some specific games, already concentrate the power of our Huawei mobile automatically.