The Best Thermostats to Control the Temperature with Your Mobile

A few years ago, having a home automation was a dream within the reach of very few. The IoT solutions available on the market were prohibitively priced, making them a luxury for some, but impossible for most. Until now. And, we are experiencing a technological revolution that allows us to enjoy all kinds of connected gadgets that make our lives much easier.

In this way, the price of the different IoT solutions has dropped significantly, allowing your purchase to be something more common. And one of the best-selling gadgets are smart thermostats. To the point that Google came out with its own solution, the Google Nest, seeing the rise of this type of device.

Best Thermostats to Control the Temperature

Advantages of the thermostats that you control with your mobile

We are talking about a device that has some advantages that must be taken into account. The first, and most obvious, is its WiFi connectivity. Thanks to this, you can control any smart thermostat from your mobile phone. And that opens up a huge range of possibilities.

To begin with, you can activate or deactivate the heating when you need it . You won’t have to get up, just pick up your mobile phone and open the dedicated application. And, best of all comes with the fact that the vast majority of models are compatible with the main voice assistants.

In this way, you will only have to ask your smart speaker to turn on the heating or air conditioning so that the temperature of your home begins to regulate. It couldn’t be easier!

Termostato de Nest en cocina

You will save money with these smart thermostats

But, without a doubt, the most important element for you to decide to buy a smart thermostat is the money savings it can generate. During the colder months, and they are just around the corner, it is normal that we use the heat more than necessary.

The problem is that there are times when we forget to turn it off when we leave home. With any of the WiFi thermostats that you will see later, you can turn off the heating from anywhere in the world. In addition, most models have artificial intelligence, a detail to take into account.

More than anything because they use this technology to study our usage patterns and adapt to our needs, significantly reducing consumption in the short and medium term. You can even program your smart thermostat to turn on and off at set times!

In addition, by having different regulation systems, any smart thermostat will be able to measure the temperature of your home to adapt the heating. It is too hot? It will lower the power to the minimum to save on unnecessary costs. Taking into account that various studies affirm that up to 30 percent of the electricity or gas bill can be saved, it is clear that these products are vital to our economy.

Installation is very simple

You may still be concerned that the installation process is complicated. You can be very calm, since the process is really simple. In addition, all the products we have selected have instructions where they explain step by step what you must do to mount a smart thermostat on your boiler.

Then, the configuration with the mobile phone is really simple, so in a few minutes you will have your thermostat fully operational to start using it and save money on the electricity or gas bill . Finally, now that you have seen the advantages that smart thermostats offer, we are going to leave you with a compilation where you will find ten models that will not disappoint you at all.

Tado V3P-SK-SRT01HIB01-TC-ML-00

Tado Smart Thermostat V3P-SK-SRT01HIB01-TC-ML-00

We begin this compilation with a product from Tado, one of the most renowned firms in the IoT solutions market. Your V3P smart thermostat is one of the most complete, in addition to being on sale for a limited time. So do not miss this bargain.

Google Nest Learning 3

Google Nest Learning 3

In a compilation of thermostats that you control with your mobile, this solution from Google could not be missing. The Google Nest Learning 3 is a tall product and you won’t be disappointed.

Netatmo NTH01-ES-EC

Netatmo NTH01-ES-EC

The French manufacturer is another of the great references when it comes to buying home automation products. I have personally tried a large part of their catalog, including this smart thermostat, and I already tell you that it is one of the most complete you will find. And by being compatible with Alexa, you can use your Echo speaker to control the temperature very comfortably.

Beok BOT-313

Beok BOT-313

Don’t be fooled by its low price, since the Beok BOT-313 has everything you need so you can control the temperature using its official application.

Termostato conectado Decdeal

Decdeal Connected Thermostat

And what about this MOES model. A connected Thermostat that boasts a value for money that is very difficult to beat. And on top of that it is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa!

Termostato Conectado

Thermostat Connected

Continuing with this compilation of the best thermostats with WiFi that you can buy, we want to recommend an ideal model if you have a small budget. In addition, its brushed aluminum finishes give the device a truly premium look.

Honeywell Home Y6R910WF6042

Honeywell Home Y6R910WF6042

In a top of this type, a solution from the Honeywell firm could not be missing. In this case, we recommend the Honeywell Home Y6R910WF6042, which also now has a 22 percent discount so that you save more than 40 euros when buying one of the best connected thermostats on the market.

Garza Smarthome

Heron Smarthome

An all-in-one product that will allow you to control the temperature in a very comfortable way. More, seeing that it has two installation modes: on the table or on the desktop. Ideal if you want to control the temperature from any room without carrying the phone with you.

Qiumi Termostato redondo

Qiumi Round Thermostat

And what about this connected thermostat from the Qiumi firm. Despite its low price, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home IFTTT, so you will not be short of options to get the most out of it.

Termostato inteligente BlueSea

BlueSea Smart Thermostat

We close this compilation of the best smart thermostats you can buy, with a model that offers an excellent value for money. You have doubts? You just have to go through the excellent ratings it has on Amazon, to know that your purchase is a sure hit. And at the price of a true demolition!