Best Smartwatch for the Summer that Use OLED Screen

One of the things that feel worse when using the smartwatch is going out and, when reviewing the data of physical activity or the messages that are received, not being able to see this information well since the screen does not offer enough quality for it. . This does not usually happen with those that use OLED panels and, we will show several that offer this, as well as excellent quality.

The truth is that these types of panels (OLED or AMOLED) are the best viewed outdoors for various reasons. For starters, his good work with blacks allows him to contrast what is displayed to the maximum, so that he has no problems enjoying the letters and images. In addition, the brightness they offer is usually high, exceeding 300 nits, which also significantly improves the experience of use.

Best Smartwatch for the Summer that Use OLED Screen

Other benefits of OLED displays

One of the most important is that the energy consumption it has is not excessive, so they are not exactly a handicap when it comes to draining the battery excessively (in relation to smartwatches, the use of a complex operating system, without going any further). Therefore, it can be said that these types of panels are good friends of the autonomy offered by smart watches.

Amazfit Bip Lite

Another of the virtues that OLED or AMOLED panels offer is that they allow high manipulation when using them, so that different types of designs can be created without, therefore, suffering tactility … to give an example. Therefore, it is very clear that this type of panel is suitable for achieving the highest possible quality even in summer. And, all this, admitting the use of Gorilla Glass protection, which is also positive.

Other important things in these smartwatch

One of the essential things for models that are used safely and efficiently in the summer is that they must offer water resistance IP67 or higher. In addition, that they support immersions at 5 atmospheres or more is very interesting, since in this way it is possible to swim with them without problems. And, this, on vacation surely saves the life of more than one who has a very bad head.

It is also important to review the autonomy offered by the smartwatch in question. Models that have a complex operating system, such as Wear OS or Tizen, at most you will find a couple of days very lucky. Those that do not include this type of development, such as the latest Huawei or Amazfit models, are more efficient in this section and over a week is always possible. Therefore, the aforementioned brands are important to keep in mind.

Features and design, things to check

In the first of the sections, apart from being clear that communication with smartphones is done with Bluetooth , some of the things that can never miss a good smart watch are the following: recognizing sports activity; review the weather forecast; be able to manage notifications; and, even, to control the quality of the sleep something that is important in vacations.

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Regarding design, there are two things that are essential. The first is that the straps can be changed since in summer there is always the temptation to change the design of the smartwatch. In addition, that the dug is in aluminum or stainless steel , allows the appearance to be attractive without lacking great resistance.

Recommended purchases

We leave a list with models that include an OLED screen and that are one of the best options that can be obtained in the current smartwatch market.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Excellent smartwatch that offers everything you may need and that includes the Tizen operating system inside. With extensive connectivity and adequate autonomy, it does not lack resistance to water and GPS, making it very accurate when it comes to annoying the physical activity that is carried out.

Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatch

Ticwatch S Sport

A model that includes the Google Wear OS operating system, so the number of applications available is really high. Its design is quite attractive with an included buckle closure, and it is one of the models that offers more autonomy in its class: two days.

Smartwatch Ticwatch S Sport

Apple Watch Series 4

It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive models in terms of aesthetics, but it also offers excellent behavior and does not lack good details such as great resistance to water and that the straps are easily changed. It is a model of great precision and that uses Bluetooth.

Amazfit GTS

One of the models that offers greater autonomy than the chosen ones, since it can be reached a week if the recognized sports activity is not abused too much. Compatible with many sports when it comes to detecting them, it uses Bluetooth 5.0 and its screen is of excellent quality.

Amazfit GTS smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 2

Actually this is a very complete smartwatch, since it has a large number of available functions and its precision is high when it comes to managing notifications or acquiring sports information. With NFC it allows to make mobile payments, and it can be obtained in different colors, It is compatible with Alexa.

Smartwatch Fitbit Versa de color melocotón

Garmin Venu

There is no doubt that this is one of the smart watches that has a higher quality design, and that also offers excellent precision when adding data on physical activity. Includes compatibility with Garmin Pay, includes GPS to avoid having a great dependence on the smartphone.

Smartwatch Garmin Venu

Fossil Gen 5

Thanks to the use of Wear OS, it is possible to access the Google assistant directly, which increases the usefulness of this model. It has several modes of use, which allows autonomy to exceed one day of habitual use. It is also compatible with the mobile payments of the Mountain View company.

Smartwatch Fossil FTW4018

Huawei Watch GT 2e Sport

An excellent smartwatch that offers many positive things, such as a autonomy of almost two weeks and a screen that looks perfectly outdoors since the integrated OLED panel is of a great quality. It recognizes sports activities automatically, and changing straps is easy … which is always positive.

Imagen del smartwatch Huawei Watch GT 2e Sport negro

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

The simple design offered by this smart watch does not hide that it is an excellent quality model that allows the use of a complex operating system and that also has great virtues such as its 1.4-inch screen with AMOLED panel that always looks good . It does not lack complete resistance to water.

Imagen frontal del smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Honor Magic Watch 2

It is one of the models with good autonomy since it easily passes the week of use, and it is also one of those that offers a simpler change of straps of all the smartwatches we have chosen. Its 1.39-inch screen is of high quality, and is even capable of managing multimedia reproductions.

Diseño del smartwatch Honor Watch Magic