GitLeaks: a Tool to Detect Vulnerabilities on GitHub

Vulnerabilities are a problem that we can find in all kinds of systems and devices when surfing the web or making use of them. These security breaches could compromise our personal information, the proper functioning and, ultimately, that we cannot really take advantage of the resources. In this article we are going to talk about GitLeaks . It is a tool that allows you to detect vulnerabilities in Git repositories.

GitLeaks, the tool to detect bugs on GitHub

As we say, security breaches are something that we can face in our day to day. It does not matter what operating system we are using or what device; we can always run into vulnerabilities that compromise us. That is why we can make use of different tools to detect faults and take measures before they are exploited.

GitLeaks: a Tool to Detect Vulnerabilities on GitHub

In this sense we can mention GitLeaks. It is a tool that is designed to detect security flaws and API credentials in Git repositories. We will be able to scan a GitHub repository and look for any anomaly, something that could compromise our security.

GitLeaks is created to detect vulnerabilities that may be in the repositories. It works through the terminal and uses any programming language and all platforms. We can easily access the download of this tool. There we will see the different versions, as well as their source code.

This program not only looks for possible vulnerabilities, but also credentials that we have left exposed. Sometimes it can happen that a developer leaves forgotten credentials. We can search for them manually, but GitLeaks does that job automatically and quickly.

Ataque DDoS que afectó a GitHub

The importance of detecting vulnerabilities

We must remember the importance of detecting possible vulnerabilities . As we have indicated this is something that can occur in all kinds of operating systems and devices that we use. We can be victims of very diverse failures that compromise our information. That is why we must always be alert and correct possible failures that may be.

These developers and patches are usually released by the developers themselves. It is something that affects devices, operating systems and any software that we use. We need to have the new versions and in this way not compromise our security under any circumstances.

Hackers can exploit security flaws they find. That’s where the importance of spotting vulnerabilities early and correcting them before we can be at risk comes into play.

However, it is also important that we always make these updates from official sources. On many occasions there have been cases of false security patches that are actually the entry of malicious software on our devices. We must take into account the importance of installing this type of software from official sources and never from third-party sites that may have been modified.

We leave you an article where we mention what are the most important security problems on a website. It is when browsing one of the most important sources of threat entry. We must keep that in mind at all times.