The Best Smart Padlocks with Fingerprint

smart-padlockBiometric systems have long arrived at smartphones as safe methods to lock and unlock these devices. While on the one hand, they are methods that have been used for some time in other areas, we are seeing how they begin to be used in other types of products. This is the case of fingerprint locks, a new way to use a padlock without the need to always carry the corresponding key with us or use the famous keys that can be easily guessed. If you are thinking of buying a smart lock with a fingerprint , these are certain aspects to consider and some of the best models that we can buy at a good price.

What is a smart lock

We refer to the smart lock that allows us to open it in different ways thanks to the technologies it has. Today, we find padlocks that mainly have a Bluetooth connection or fingerprint sensor as methods to be opened or closed. Of course, we can also find other models that incorporate other options such as passwords themselves.

Therefore, smart locks are those that rely on certain technologies to offer a higher level of security. And nobody can open a lock with a fingerprint without putting our finger on the reader, for example.

How this type of padlock works

The truth is that the operation of smart locks and locks are almost identical. If they have Bluetooth, we will have to synchronize our smartphone with the lock itself through an app on the mobile and later, we can open and close the lock from the mobile at any time.

In addition, some of them allow you to set certain patterns for blocking and the vast majority of them work with batteries. Through the app itself, we will also be notified when our lock is low on battery to know that we have to charge it. Not to mention the alarm that many of them have to prevent them from opening it and stealing what we are protecting, such as a bike, a ticket office, lock, etc.

The operation of those who have a fingerprint sensor is even simpler, since in many cases, it is enough to bring or put our finger on the sensor and it will automatically proceed with the opening of it.

Risks when using a smart lock

Although there are many advantages offered by this type of gadgets, since we do not depend on a physical key to open or close them, which means that we can lose it, forget it or damage it, and offer a safer system, the truth It is important to know that we can take certain risks.

The truth is that many models of smart locks, whether with fingerprint or with another system, are made of poorly resistant materials. This means that anyone can break them and manipulate the closing system to achieve its opening.

On many other occasions, we can find smart locks with visible screws that allow their disassembly, which facilitates its handling and opening again in a simple way. Therefore, these aspects are the ones we should look at when choosing a lock as reliable as possible.

The best fingerprint locks

UTech Mini

It is a padlock with a fingerprint that, unlike other models on the market, can only be unlocked with the fingerprint itself and it is not necessary to use any app on the mobile or to have Bluetooth connectivity. It has an IP65 certificate, so it is water resistant and is ideal for safely closing luggage, cabinets, drawers, doors, bicycles, etc. Robust zinc alloy structure to offer greater strength and an Amazon price of 44.54 euros.

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One of the most popular manufacturers of smart locks. This model in question is manufacturing in an aluminum alloy ADC12 + 201 stainless steel, requires the use of an app on our mobile, is capable of saving up to 15 fingerprints with a recognition of up to 360º and is charged via micro USB. The price is 29.99 euros.

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It is one of the smart locks with opening and closing through our fingerprint. Fingerprint recognition up to a 360 degree angle even in wet conditions, capable of storing up to 20 fingerprints and offering battery status reminders. Built with a high quality zinc alloy and a price of 38.99 euros.

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From the manufacturer AICase we find this other model. A padlock with a footprint that offers a rejection rate of less than 1% and a false acceptance rate of less than 0.002%. Manufactured with a zinc alloy body and equipped with a 100 mAh battery, capable of offering up to 6 months of use on a single charge. The price of this lock is 25.99 euros on Amazon.

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Another of the smart padlock models that we can find on Amazon is this one from YDI. A robust fingerprint padlock, made of an aluminum and stainless steel alloy, waterproof and also works with mobile app for iOS and Android. It allows remote authorization to unlock it, it has a rechargeable battery of 130 mAh that allows the use of the padlock up to 800 times with a single charge and its price is 38.99 euros.

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It is a secure padlock capable of storing up to 10 different tracks. It has the IP65 certificate and is equipped with a large capacity battery to be able to use lock and unlock the lock up to 2,500 times on a single charge. It is built with an aluminum alloy and stainless steel and is priced at 26.69 euros.

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ALLOMN fingerprint padlock that features a quick-read sensor, 180 mAh battery, providing up to 800 openings with a single charge and capable of storing up to 20 different fingerprints. It has IP65 water resistant certificate and a price of 23, 99 euros.

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With similar characteristics to the previous ones we find this other model. Highlights its large battery, which allows use more than 2,500 times with a single charge. It has an IP65 certificate for outdoor use even if it rains and is capable of storing up to 10 different tracks for a price of 31.99 euros.