How to set, enable or disable Jazztel voicemail

Although it is usually a service that many people prefer to deactivate, the truth is that for many it is one of the essential services in their day to day. Having voicemail active on our telephone line allows anyone to leave us a message if at a certain time we are not available, we are busy or we do not have coverage. If we are Jazztel customers, we will show how to activate or deactivate voicemail in any of our lines.

Steps to follow to enable and disable voicemail in Jazztel

The truth is that at the time we register a line with the company, the voice mailbox is activated by default, but we can deactivate it at any time completely free of charge in several ways:

  • From the customer area
  • From the mobile app
  • Dialing a code from the phone itself

The truth is that for many, the fastest way to deactivate voicemail is by dialing the code ## 002 # followed by the call key from the mobile phone itself.


However, it is also possible to manage our mailbox from the customer area. To do this, the first thing we have to do is go to the Jazztel website , identify with our user name and password and from the main page, we access the line for which we want to manage voicemail.

At the bottom of the page, we will find the Line configuration section, where we will find the Voicemail / answering tab and from where we will be able to activate or deactivate the service as it suits us.

Buzón de voz de Jazztel

We can also do the same from the Jazztel app on our mobile phone ( iOS or Android ). Of course, it is necessary that we have previously installed the app on our smartphone. Once this is done and after identifying with our client user and password, we will display the main menu and select the My Products option .

Then, in the section Line configuration we select Voicemail / call forwarding and there we can activate voice diverting for different situations, always, if we do not answer the call, in case of shutdown or out of coverage and in the In case we are communicating.

How to listen and manage your messages

Listen to messages

If someone leaves us a message in our voicemail, Jazztel offers us the possibility to listen to it from our own phone or from another. If we want to hear it from our own mobile, all we have to do is dial the 1222 toll free number.

In case we have run out of battery or in any other situation, it is also possible to listen to our messages by dialing 640 001 222 from any phone. And if we are abroad, then we must add the prefix 0034 followed by 640 001 222.

To access the voice mailbox and that only we can listen to the messages, the operator provides us with a password set by default and that we can change at any time. Now, if we need to access the Jazztel voicemail from another phone and do not remember our password, we can call 1565 and indicate Voicemail . At this time they will provide us with a new temporary password that we can change by calling 1222 and then we select option 3 Configure mailbox and then option 1 Change password.

Message Management

After listening to each message stored in our voicemail, we will listen to a recording with the date and time at which the message was received and a series of actions to be performed:

1. Back to Home
2. Save message and listen to the next
3. Delete the message and go to the next
4. Identify the number that left the message
5. Unused
6. Unused
7. Rewind the message 10 seconds
8. Pause the message
9. Forward the message 10 seconds
0. Help
*. Back to Main Menu

Divert to voicemail

As we have mentioned before, it is possible to configure the Jazztel voicemail so that calls are diverted on certain occasions. Although it is possible to make some of these configurations from the customer area, the truth is that we can also do it quickly by dialing the following codes on our smartphone:

If we communicate

  • Activate diversion: ** 67 * 122 #
  • Disable diversion: ## 67 #
  • Check status: * # 67 #

If we don’t answer

  • Activate diversion: ** 61 * 122 #
  • Disable diversion: ## 61 #
  • Check status: * # 61 #

If we are out of coverage

  • Activate diversion: ** 62 * 122 #
  • Disable diversion: ## 62 #
  • Check status: * # 62 #


  • Activate diversion: ** 21 * 122 #
  • Disable diversion: ## 21 #
  • Check status: * # 21 #

Customize welcome message

Jazztel offers us the option to add and personalize a welcome message, which will be the one that anyone who is going to leave us a message in the mailbox will listen as soon as the service is activated.

The first time we call the voicemail, we will be asked if we want to customize our welcome message. If we want, we can do it at the same time, although if we prefer, we can also do it at another time by selecting the Greetings option in the main menu and then, Personalized greeting.

Change language

It is also possible to change the language of the Jazztel voicemail. To do this, we have to select option 3 Configure mailbox and then option 4 Change language. Among the available languages, we can choose between Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician or English.