Best Smart Locks: Models, Features and Prices

You already know everything you can do if you domotize your house . We have also told you the details to consider when choosing a smart lock . So, it is time to jump from theory to practice. We show you some of the best models that you should take into account if you want to buy a smart lock for your door.

The best options to choose a smart lock

smart lock

Choosing one of these equipment for our home can create some uncertainty. At the end of the day, it is the main barrier that separates us from possible theft and, leaving access to connected equipment, may not give us all the reliability we would like. For this reason, it is necessary that you know everything about these gadgets to select the best option.

We want to make your job a little easier and we show you three of the best models you can find on the market today. These products come from well-known brands within the smart lock sector and have been tested by many users . Keep reading and take a look at what is possibly the next lock in your house.

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0

Opening mechanism: smartphone | Compatibility: iOS and Android | Assistant: Siri, Google Home and Alexa (needs bridge ) | Own bowler hat: No

Nuki is one of the best-known brands in this home automation sector. Its main product is the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 , which allows us to operate the lock that we want from our phone and without having to change the original cylinder. A detail to take into account if you prefer that the installation be as simple as possible.

As we already told you in our analysis of this smart lock , a fundamental characteristic to get the most out of it is to acquire it next to the connection bridge. This accessory connects the lock directly to our router and, only in this way, we will have the possibility to operate it from anywhere remotely.

The best

  • Simple installation
  • Price
  • App with many functions


  • Bridge need for remote management

Somfy Connected Lock

Opening mechanism: smartphone, ID card, bracelet, card or code. | Compatibility: iOS and Android | Assistant: – | Own bowler hat: Yes

Another of the best options comes from the Somfy company. In this case, it is a device that includes its own bowler hat and, therefore, will need to be installed at our door. Although, according to the manufacturer, the process is quite simple and should not take us long.

This option gives us a greater number of possibilities to open our door, since we have opening through: the app on our smartphone, identification card, bracelet, card or code. A detail that you should know is that, in the starter pack, no identification card or bracelet is included. So, if we want to have these options, we must acquire them separately.

Thanks to the connection bridge included in this pack, we can make the connection to the router that allows us to control the opening to our house remotely.

The best

  • Interaction possibilities
  • Remote control from anywhere


  • Although you do not need an expert or certified user, the installation is somewhat more complicated
  • The manufacturer does not specify whether it supports wizards

Tesa Assa Abloy ENTR

Opening mechanism: smartphone, remote control, code or fingerprint. | Compatibility: iOS and Android | Assistant: – | Own bowler hat: Yes

Tesa is a veteran in the sale of locks and, in this case, he also brings us his smart bet with the ENTR model. It is a lock in which, like the previous model, we will have to carry out a cylinder change for the one that incorporates this device. Installation is simple and, according to the manufacturer, is done fairly quickly.

The pack that we buy allows us to interact with the door through our smartphone or, if necessary, with the key that includes the bowler hat itself. Although, if we buy the corresponding accessory, we can open our house with a remote control, using the numeric code or with our own fingerprint.

It also includes security functions : emitting acoustic signals to prevent the door from closing completely and the automatic activation of the bolt when it detects that we have left home.

The best

  • security mechanisms
  • Price


  • Although you do not need an expert or certified user, the installation is somewhat more complicated
  • Cannot connect to WiFi, therefore disables remote connectivity

Other options … to discard

These are the three best options we have found after analyzing the market for these smart devices. There are other models that we can easily find if we carry out an internet search that, in our point of view, you should not take into account in your choice .

Below, we show you some of those alternatives and explain why we have rejected them.

Samsung smart lock

Samsung‘s bet on the smart locks market is a more than valid bet to use on any door. The “inconvenience”, and the reason for our discard, is in its interaction with the user. In this case, there is no option to unlock by smartphone or conventional key, we can only do it using an identification card.

Therefore, it becomes a good alternative for hotels or companies but not for a conventional user.

Ultraloq UL3 BT

An apparently very complete lock with different ways of interacting to open the door. What is the main problem? It is not compatible with the European standard of disposition of locks despite being able to find them in stores such as

August Smart Lock

The same problem as the previous one presents this August bet. If we do a search on it, the user reviews are quite positive but, unfortunately, there is no option compatible with the European system . A pity seeing all the options it offers.

Rosvola smart lock

Despite being a very complete option that includes an opening card, physical key, fingerprint reader and security code, the exterior design gives the feeling of being more fragile than it should be . Therefore, it can be an alternative for doors of rooms in a hotel but not for that of our house.

These are some of the options that, in our opinion, you should discard when choosing a smart lock. It is very important that you know the details of this type of gadgets very well before making the purchase since, after all, it is one of the main security methods that you will have in your home.

Now it is up to you to choose between one of the options that we recommend for your purchase, or to carry out a more extensive search yourself. What is clear to us is that, if you take a look at everything we have shown you about this type of device, you have all the necessary tools to make the best decision.