The Best Screen Protectors for Your iPad Pro

If you are one of the lucky owners of an iPad Pro , you will agree with us that protecting your device is essential for it to last as long as possible. That’s why today we leave you some of the best screen protectors that you can find right now.

Having our iPad Pro protected is essential, since the more we take care of them, the longer we can enjoy Apple’s excellent product. To do this we must bear in mind that the care of our device must focus on several areas.

Best Screen Protectors for Your iPad Pro

How to take care of our iPad Pro

Care must be focused on several areas and thus we will achieve that it accompanies us for a long time.

External protection

It is clear that we must protect it from possible bumps or scratches . That is, a good cover is essential to take it anywhere without fear that it may break, but a screen protector is also necessary, since we avoid damage to the screen, a fundamental part of any tablet.

We can even take care of the rear photographic system , since there are specific protectors to make the sensors in perfect condition and do not suffer scratches that all they achieve is to spoil our snapshots.

Internal protection

Internally we must also protect it, especially by keeping it updated , since it is essential to have all the security patches up to date, since it is the way to take care of any future security problem.

It is also highly advisable that we do not make any modifications to the iPad Pro system. If this device has the reputation it has, it is for its excellent performance and how well implemented everything is within its operating system, so any modification could damage it or make it difficult. which is worse, expose ourselves to the attack of any type of attack.

Screen protectors

Having said all this, it is time to present what we promised you lines above and show you some of the best screen protectors that are on the market right now, whose main characteristics may be the following:

  • Type of protector: the safest against bumps and scratches are those made of tempered glass, so most of the ones we are going to show you are of this type. They are hard protectors, but they allow you to interact with the screen without problem.
  • Touch on the screen: when we look for a good protector we must also take into account that it allows us to use the screen without problem, something fundamental.
  • Coverage: another thing that can happen in some protectors is that they do not reach the total of the screen and stay far from the edges, this type of solutions are not correct, since we must try to protect the entire front.
  • Compatible with Apple Pencil: in this specific case we must also see if the protector is compatible or not with the brand’s stylus and thus be able to use it if we want, without having any complications.

JETech Protector

jetech protector

This screen protector is compatible with the iPad Pro 202 and 2018 (12.9 inches) and reaches the edge of the screen, so it covers the entire front.

It is made of tempered glass and has two units in the pack.


unique me protector ipad pro

Another of the protectors for iPad Pro is this UniqueMe, which has protection for the screen through tempered glass, as well as for the rear camera .

It is compatible with the 11-inch model of 2020 and consists of 2 screen protectors plus a camera.


amFilm protector ipad pro

In this case we have 2 tempered glass protectors for the iPad Pro 11 of 2020 and 2018 , whose thickness is 0.33 mm and has a hardness of 9H.

It is fully compatible with the Apple Pencil .


Sparin protector ipad pro

Valid for iPad Pro 11 from 2020 and 2018 . It brings 3 pieces of tempered glass with 9H hardness.

We can use the Apple Pencil without problems.


ESR protecto ipad pro

One of the iPad Pro protectors that we present is this ERS that is compatible with the 12.9-inch model , both for the 2020 and 2018 versions.

We are talking about 2 tempered glass units with a 9H hardness, which is compatible with Face ID and Apple Pencil .


ELTD protector ipad pro

They are two tempered glass protectors for the iPad Pro 11 2020 . In addition it also comes with 2 protectors for the rear camera module.

They are 0.26 mm protectors and 9H hardness.


techgear protector ipad pro

This tempered glass is compatible with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro from 2018 and 2020 .

Its hardness is 9H and it only brings us one unit to place.


procase protector ipad pro

More protectors for iPad Pro. The Procase is compatible with the 2018 and 2020 models of its 12.9-inch version.

It has a 9H hardness and a thickness of 0.33mm.


ivoler protector ipad pro

In this case we have two units that are compatible with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro .

It is tempered glass with 9H hardness and a thickness of 0.33 mm , which covers practically the entire front.


manlian protector ipad pro

The two pieces that this iPad Pro protector brings are compatible with Face Id and Apple Pencil .

They are made of tempered glass and for the 11-inch models of 2018 and 2020 . Their hardness is 9H and they are 0.3 mm thick.

With these protectors for the iPad Pro that we have presented, you will not have to worry about your screen getting damaged or scratched, some even protect the rear camera module, something that we can consider as a plus.