The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners: Alternatives to Roomba

robot-vacuumWhen choosing a quality robot vacuum cleaner , one of the manufacturers that offer a better result is iRobot. Yes, the American manufacturer has an impressive product catalog. Not to mention the fact that it was the first firm to aim for such devices. Luckily, today we can find great alternatives to Roomba that offer a performance similar to their products, but at a much more restrained price.

Yes, there is life beyond the robot vacuum cleaner Roomba. Something similar to what happens in the telephony sector. A few years ago, if a friend came with a Chinese phone, you would laugh at him for a while and guarantee that in a short time he would break or give him a mistake. The dreaded “cheap is expensive.” Today, brands such as Huawei or Xiaomi are able to plant the old heavyweights of the sector. Even beat them in units sold. And the same goes for these types of devices.

In this way, you will be able to find a few alternatives to Roomba that will offer an incredible value for money, in addition to fulfilling its function exquisitely. Do you want the floor of your house to be clean like a whistle? Do not hesitate and bet on these robot vacuum cleaners. They will not disappoint you.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo

We begin this compilation of the best alternative to Roomba with one of the jewels of the crown of Ecovacs. We talk about the Deebot Ozmo , a robot vacuum cleaner really complete and that fully meets the needs of any user looking for a device of this type. For starters, Ecovacs has specialized in these solutions, getting high-end products. Home mapping, soil detection, scrubbing mode, activity programming through its official app … A portent that will leave you surprised with its benefits.

Cecotec Conga Serie 1590

Cecotec Conga 1590 Series

Without doubt, the great rival of Roomba is Cecotec. Another firm that has specialized in the market of cleaning robots, offering a catalog of height products. And this Conga 1590 Series, with mapping mode, support for Alexa and Google Assistant (ideal to activate it with a simple voice command), mop and scrub mode, in addition to pet brush is a product of height.

Robot aspirador AIIBOT T289, una de las mejores alternativas a Roomba baratas

Robot vacuum cleaner AIIBOT T289

Looking for a cheap Roomba alternative ? Nothing like this AIIBOT model. Obviously, it does not have all the features that other models, but its price is much lower and will perfectly serve to sweep the floor of your house. A product that stands out for its HEPA filter, in addition to having sensors to detect different heights (ideal so that it does not flake up the stairs) .. You only have to take a look at Amazon’s comments to see that it is an ideal model for Start in this world.

Cecotec Conga Serie 3290

Cecotec Conga 3290 Series

Another option of Cecotec that you should not miss, is the Conga 3290 Series model. A robot vacuum cleaner that has all kinds of modes (sweeps, scrubs and mop), in addition to being compatible with Google Assistant voice assistants and Alexa. As if that weren’t enough, it will also map your home for more effective cleaning. And its low price makes it a very important option. In addition, the comments make it clear that it perfectly cleans cat hairs, so it is ideal if you have pets at home.

Ecovacs Deebot 901, una de las mejores alternativas a Roomba

Ecovacs Deebot 901

Another height model, and you will not be disappointed if you are looking for a good alternative to Roomba robot vacuum cleaners , is the Ecovacs Deebot 901. This model has artificial intelligence to adapt to the different surfaces of your home, in addition to being able to block areas (ideal if you want it to focus on the dining room, for example).

Cecotec Conga Serie 3690

Cecotec Conga 3690 Series

Continuing with this compilation of the best alternatives to Roomba, we have the Conga Series 3690 of Cecotec. A model with a power of 2,700 Pa, so it will be able to vacuum any dirt. As usual in the firm’s solutions, this robot vacuum cleaner is able to sweep, scrub and pass the mop. A product compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and that will not disappoint you.



Another model to consider if you are looking for a cheap and functional robot vacuum cleaner, is this Netbot S15 from Ikosh . A very economic model but that will allow you to enter this market without scratching your pocket too much. And eye, that despite its low price is able to sweep, pass the mop and scrub. You just have to see that it is one of the best rated products on Amazon to know that your purchase is a certain total.

Ceotec Conga Serie 1590 

Ceotec Conga 1590 Series

We return to Ceotec to recommend another of the Conga family models. In this case, we are facing a fairly economical device, but that does not lose any of the most important functionalities of any high-end robot vacuum cleaner. In this way, sweep, scrub and pass the mop. In addition, it is compatible with the main voice assistants, and its pet brush will be ideal for those strands of hair that your dog leaves at home.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, una de las mejores alternativas a Roomba

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

In any gadget compilation, there must be a product of the Asian firm. Everything the manufacturer touches becomes gold, and this robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi is a new example of this. We talked about the Mi Robot Vacuum, a really complete device that will not disappoint you. It has intelligent route planning, three-dimensional suction system, 1800 Pa of suction power, 2 cm obstacle scale (ideal if you have cables on the ground), automatic shutdown …

A great portento that offers a value for money very difficult to beat. Without a doubt, one of the best alternatives to Roomba that you will find in the market.

Rowenta Smart Force Explorer Aqua RR6871WH

Rowenta Smart Force Explorer Aqua RR6871WH

Closing this compilation of the best robot vacuum cleaners you can find if you are looking for Roomba rivals, we could not give up the opportunity to recommend this Rowenta model. Yes, another excellent rival of Roomba , thanks to offering high performance. It fulfills all the expected functions of a robot vacuum cleaner, and its 150 minutes of autonomy are a value to consider.