Best External Batteries Compatible with Phones and Laptops

external-battery-3Life in mobility conditions is complicated, since there is a great dependence on the autonomy of the devices used. One of the solutions, apart from having a team that stands out in this, is to choose one of the external batteries that allow to be the lifeguard in times of need. We show models that, for their compatibility , are an excellent solution.

Until recently, these accessories practically restricted their use to smartphones, but this has changed quite radically. Thus, and thanks to the arrival of USB Type-C , laptops can now be charged with these types of products, which opens a new era for saurians who can also solve running out of battery at any given time when they are working outside. House.

Uso de smartphone en la calle

What external batteries should offer for smartphones and laptops

There are several details that should be taken into consideration, but the main one is the following: the accessory must offer compatibility with Power Delivery charging technology, which is what allows you to charge laptops such as those of Apple or Chuwi in a way efficient and without endangering the team. If this is true, the first step has already been taken to have an adapter with excellent compatibility.

Additionally, when it comes to loading options, it is also important to check that the product offers compatibility with Quick Charge . In this way, smartphones can also be used with adequate efficiency and taking advantage of options that are current and increasingly common in devices (even mid-range).

Batería externa para smartphone

Once the above is already clear, the next step is to check the connectivity options offered by the external battery in question. The minimum required is that a pair of USB Type A ports are included, in order to use two devices at the same time – which optimizes processes – and makes the accessory very useful. In addition, it is not a bad idea to have a USB Type-C input, since this gives coverage to all the cables that exist in the market. By the way, it is not a bad idea to verify that in the work of several loads in parallel how it is divided the output power of each port. We say this to not find unpleasant surprises.

Capacity and other options to value

Taking into account that the idea is to be able to use the external battery with smartphones and laptops, the ideal is that the model that is purchased has the highest possible load. Above 15,000 mAh , we already believe that it is a good brand, since in this way you can be sure that it is possible to fill a computer and a telephone, so that the function sought is fulfilled. One detail is the inclusion of LEDs , which are always useful when knowing the state of the accessory.

The design section is also important. And not so much if the device is striking or not. We talk about looking for a product that is as small as possible since the idea is to always carry it on. Therefore, being small and light is always good. In addition, resistance is a crucial factor, so reinforced models with rounded corners are always recommended. Other options, such as the inclusion of operating buttons, are details that should be assessed in each case, since some believe this is positive and others not so much.

Batería Externa Xiaomi

Recommended models that can be purchased

These external batteries are options that, for quality and price, are one of the best that can be obtained currently in stores. All of them can be used with both smartphones and laptops, so their compatibility is excellent.

iPosible External Battery

This model offers a load of 25,800 mAh, so it is left over in this section. With a striking and solvent design in terms of portability, it has two USB Type A ports, so it fits quite well with shared use. Its LEDs allow you to know quickly if you need to refill your battery, and there is no lack of technologies that prevent problems with power surges or high temperatures.

Baterías externa iPosible

Charmast Powerbank 26800mAh

The large capacity offered by this accessory is combined with the inclusion of three ports for recharging devices. One of them is USB Type C, and offers an output power of 18 W, so it is quite efficient with laptops. In addition, it does not lack Quick Charge 3.0 technology, which is perfect when it comes to using smartphones. The compatibility it offers is excellent, and its very attractive design since it is a pretty fine model, which is to be appreciated.

Batería externa Charmast Powerbank 26800mAh


It is one of the models that offer greater potability than those that currently exist in the market, since its elongated lines allow a good grip and do not occupy much in the backpack. The compatibility with Power Delivery is complete, with a speed of 18 W, which is quite good and, therefore, works and performs efficiently. The variety of output ports is adequate, since it does not lack either USB Type A or, also, Type C, so you will not find something that could not be loaded.

Batería externa POWERADD EnergyCell

Floureon 26800mAh

An accessory that has everything you might need. An example of what we say is that two USB Type A outputs are included to connect both tablets and smartphones, with parallel processes that do not put the battery at risk. In addition, there is a USB Type C that offers compatibility with Power Delivery with power up to 60 W. Finished in plastic and black, this device even offers protection against short circuits.

Batería Floureon 26800mAh


The reason why this model stands out is that the output with Power Delivery technology is carried out at a maximum power of 30 W, which greatly speeds up the financing of the processes. And, all this, without putting the laptop or smartphone at risk. It is among the external batteries that are compatible with Quick Charge and, in addition, it does not lack protection technology. It is one of the models that has a power button and is able to adapt its operation with the use of iSmart.

Batería externa RAVPOWER Power Bank

AUKEY Power Delivery

With an internal load of 26,500 mAh, which is pretty good, the number of connections offered by this model is really high. It does not lack USB type C and, also, type A, one of them compatible with Quick Charge 3.0. Its squared appearance is not exactly the most attractive, but it provides excellent solidity. It offers excellent compatibility with phones and laptops. Of course, weighs no less than 553 grams, more than desirable.

Batería externa AUKEY Power Delivery

Floureon 20100mAh

One of the most curious external batteries that, among other things, offers a cable integrated in the caracas that does not require one to perform processes (this is USB type C type). With a load more than enough to use with laptops and suitable ports, no connection is missing, it is a recommended model. It could be bought in white, and the power of the USB Type-C output is 18 W, which should be considered correct. It weighs 400 grams.

Batería externa Floureon 20100mAh

Romoss 18W Powerbank

There is not much to explain about the power offered by this model in relation to the use of its Power Delivery output. The load is solvent, without being the largest we have found in the market, but what has caught our attention is the excellent number of ports that includes: two type C and another pair type A. It is not lacking anything. Striking the screen that indicates the internal battery charge, its design seems most attractive.

Batería externa Romoss 18W Powerbank

dodocool External Battery

Do not be confused by the dimensions and design of this model, as it is the most interesting of all chosen. To begin with, you don’t need any connection to use it, even with Apple laptops. And, in addition, this does it with a really high power: 45W. It offers intelligent work that prevents problems when transferring energy, including protection from high temperatures. That itself is not precisely a light accessory since it exceeds 600 grams. One of the external batteries that must always be checked.

Batería externa dodocool Batería Externa

Anker PowerCore Speed

Aesthetically it is the simplest model of all we have chosen, but that does not make it not complete. It offers two outputs, one of them USB type C, and this allows to perform works of a power of up to 30 W (it offers technology of detection of use, so as not to put at risk an accessory that connects). With an internal load exceeding 20,000 mAh, it is more than enough to charge both a high-end smartphone and a current laptop at the same time. Its weight is only 363 grams, which makes it easy to transport.

Batería externa Anker PowerCore Speed