Best Programs and Websites with Relaxing and Nature Sounds

Many users spend a large number of hours in front of the computer throughout the day. Whether for work or leisure reasons, the PC has become an essential tool in our daily lives. To help us improve our productivity and be focused when we are in front of the computer, there are different software that allows us to reproduce relaxing sounds , creating an environment that is as appropriate as possible for the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Work, children, daily life … there are many conditions that cause us to have a stressed life. For this reason, many experts recommend various relaxation techniques with which to face our day to day in the best possible way. That is why today we are going to talk about different programs and web pages that will provide us with relaxing sounds, which we can use both to eliminate the stress that we all accumulate throughout the day, or as a method to fall asleep earlier.

Best Programs and Websites with Relaxing and Nature Sounds

Best Relaxing Sound Web Apps

A Soft Murmur, combine and mix sounds

It is a website where we will find all kinds of sounds with which to relax while avoiding being distracted. With it we can combine different types of sound such as sea waves, wind, birds, rain, crickets, the typical sound of TV when it emits snow, among others. We can even raise or lower the volume independently and mix sounds to create a perfect mix. For example, we can combine the sound of a cafeteria as in the rain, or the waves, birds and the wind for a more relaxing effect.

In addition, we can configure the timers, name our mixes, try random mixes and share all our creations . Too bad the number of sounds is somewhat limited, even so, good combinations can be made with the sounds it offers.

To start enjoying the sounds of A Soft Murmur, all we have to do is access its website . If we like it, we can hire A Soft Murmur Pro, which includes more sounds for $ 9 a year.

A Soft Murmur

Noisli, with sound sessions and predefined templates

This website is responsible for generating background sounds so that we can work or be relaxed enjoying high quality ambient sounds. Its purpose is to silence the most annoying noises in order to improve our concentration and be more productive. It has up to sixteen types of sound with the possibility of mixing several tracks with natural environments that help us relax and concentrate, preventing us from being distracted. Among the sounds they include we have relaxing waves, fireplace, rain, thunderstorms, crickets, noise and fan. It also includes a timer for scheduling sound sessions and predefined sound templates. The main drawback we find is that if we want to enjoy more sounds we will have to resort to the paid versions that are somewhat expensive.

If we want to try the relaxing sounds of Noisli, just go to their website . It also has a Pro individual and Business version for groups, which include up to 28 types of sounds, which we can buy from $ 8 per month.


Unique Noise Generators, enjoy ambient sounds

This is a website that we should not stop trying if we like environmental sounds. It has a mixer capable of configuring about a hundred different types of sounds , whether natural, synthetic, industrial or atmospheric, so that we can mix and get the best relaxing sound effects. All the sounds available for each of the categories appear on the web.

Within each sound, it offers us a brief explanation of what the sound we are going to hear is like. For example, rain noise provides a lot of rain and only a hint of thunder, while in thunder noise we find only a fair amount of rain to fill the higher frequencies. Perhaps, its main drawback is that being so complete at first it is a bit overwhelming , especially since it is in English, so we will have to try all its options little by little. Also, it takes a long time to load the sound before we can play it.

If we want to enjoy the complete set of relaxing and free sounds that we find in Unique Noise Generators, we only have to enter their website .

Unique Noise Generators

Ambient Mixer, relax and create your mixes

Another website with which we can listen to all kinds of relaxing music , ambient atmospheres and surprising sound effects. All you have to do is click on the image corresponding to the sound you want to reproduce and begin to relax. It also offers us the possibility of creating our own atmospheric sound mixes , being able to edit each audio track easily, adjusting the intensity of each of its elements for our own needs. It has dozens of preconfigured ambient sounds, with sounds as surprising as mysterious forests and medieval taverns. In addition, it has the classic sounds of nature, adventure or meditation, among others.

If you want to try all the sounds that Ambient Mixer offers for free, all you have to do is go to their website .

Ambient Mixer

Calm, with guided sessions and relaxing melodies

This website offers us audio sessions to relax, sleep and meditate through guided audio sessions or relaxing melodies for different activities such as meditating, sleeping or simply calming down . Calm is responsible for creating unique audio content that strengthens mental health and helps combat stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression. On this website we will find music to sleep, sounds of nature, meditation lessons, among others. Preset relaxation sessions of 2, 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes in length. Its main drawback is that, if we want to listen to sounds and save our preferences, we must create an account, although this is free.

To start discovering Calm, all you need to do is go to its website . It also has a paid version with which we will have access to more than 100 hours of premium content, including a library with more sounds.


Best desktop programs

Atmosphere Lite and its sounds of nature

This desktop program has a wide variety of nature sounds and includes several editing options , with the possibility of determining the frequency and quantity of the various effects associated with each scene. For example, we can find places like a tropical island, and situations like a lightning storm or the silences of a summer night. Its main drawback is found during its installation, since we must be careful as it tries to get us to install unwanted third-party software . Also, the application is completely in English, which may be a problem for some users when they start using it.

If you want to enjoy all the sounds of Atmosphere Lite , you can download the program completely free of charge.

Atmosphere Lite

Soothing sounds of water, for deep relaxation

As its name suggests, with this application we will enjoy different special sounds of water , accompanied by Tibetan bowls or a gong bath that will help us relax and obtain a deep relaxation. We are facing an ideal application to relax, sleep, be concentrated or meditate . It has ten mystical water sound scenarios (Rain in the forest clearing, Sea waves at sunset, Zen garden with songbirds and drops of water, Waterfall of a small paradise lake in the tropical forest, Stream in the tropical forest, Fountain of oriental bamboo, Diving in the coral reef, Zen Fountain, Pool in the wellness center and Shishi Odoshi (Japanese fountain) The main handicap is that we will only have sounds related to water and without the possibility of mixing.

If we want to get carried away by the relaxing sounds of the water, we can download the application from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: WP-Developer

Sonido relajante de agua

Music for Study as background playback

It is a powerful music application focused on relaxing, studying and being focused. It has advanced features like adding alpha waves and adding nature sounds to our music. With the help of its striking design we can quickly find the type of sound we need for every occasion. It has songs for different tasks such as Focus, Study and Create, as well as alpha waves, sounds of rain and nature. In addition, it allows us to play in the background so we can have it on while using other applications or with the screen off.

To check everything that this application offers us, we can download it for free from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: WP-Developer

Musica para estudiar