How to Update the Firmware of the Network Card or Router

Keeping our network in good shape is very important. This applies to all components and devices that we are using. They need to be properly installed and configured, but also up to date. We are going to talk about this in this article. Let’s see how to have the latest version of the network card or the router .

Why you should update your network equipment

On the one hand we are going to improve performance . Usually with each update the developers include interesting news. They allow to have improvements in terms of the functions and services they offer, as well as a more optimal performance.

Update the Firmware of the Network Card or Router

But on the other hand we must also update the network equipment for security . On many occasions, vulnerabilities arise that can be exploited by hackers. We can avoid this with the patches and updates that appear.

In short, updating our network card, router and any other device that we have connected to the Internet is essential to maintain proper operation and avoid security problems.

How to update the network card

First of all we are going to explain how we can update the network card drivers . We are going to focus on Windows 10, which today is the most used operating system by desktop computer users.

To update the network card we have to go to Start, write Device Manager and access. There we will have to click on Network adapters, we look for the one that interests us and we click with the second button on the Update driver option.

Actualizar la tarjeta de red

Keep in mind that this can be applied to both the Ethernet card and the Wi-Fi network card that we have.

How to update the router firmware

Without a doubt, the router is a fundamental piece for our day to day. This means that keeping it in good condition, updated and with everything necessary for its proper functioning will be very important for our connections. For this reason we must also always have the latest firmware versions .

In this case, it will depend on the type of router we have, but the process is similar in all of them. The first thing we have to do is enter the configuration of the device, which we can access (generally) through in the browser. There we enter our credentials and passwords.

Once we are inside the router configuration we have to look for the section to update the firmware. As we say this will depend on the router model that we have, although normally we have to click on the menu and there we already see something similar to “firmware update”.

Actualizar el firmware del router

Keep in mind that our router may automatically search for available updates on the network. However, on other occasions we have to download the most updated firmware from official sources, from their website, to later upload that file and install it.

Repeaters and other devices must also be updated

But everything we have mentioned must also be applied to repeaters and other devices that we have. We are talking about access points, network switches, PLC … Any device usually has a firmware that we can update.

It is very important that we always have the latest versions for the reasons we have mentioned. Let’s say we have a specific repeater and there is a vulnerability that can be exploited to access our network or connected equipment. It is essential that we have the latest versions and correct those problems.

To do this, you usually have to access the manufacturer’s website to download the latest versions. Also some devices will have an option within the settings to check for updates. They may even receive them automatically, which would be ideal.

In short, maintaining the latest versions of our network equipment is going to be essential. This is something that we must apply to the network card, router and any other device that we use. In this way we will avoid problems.