AWicons: Professional Program to Create Icons on PC

Icons surround our lives because they are simple and effective. They convey information clearly and quickly. They are so useful that many of the instant messaging texts we send every day are based on them more than words. Although you have a large number of icons at your disposal, you can also create your own and also provide your voice. To achieve this, we bring you one of the best icon creation programs: AWicons .

In addition to using them to talk to your loved ones, the icons are also used on your computer desktop, in advertising or signage . So learning to design them is also a way to expand your way of communicating, almost like learning another language.

AWicons: Professional Program to Create Icons on PC

A quick tour of the interface

The configuration of the workspace revolves around the main canvas in which we will create our icon. Around it, we can add the different toolbars such as, for example, “effects”, “library”, “navigation”, “color” or pencil or fill properties. Adapting the interface to our liking is the best way to approach a computer program.

AWicon interfaz

In addition to choosing the visual organization of the tool, you can also choose a language other than English. The program offers fifteen possibilities, among them, Spanish. You just have to select “language” in the “edit” menu and choose “Spanish”.

AWicon selección idioma

The main window includes eight drop-down menus: file, edit, draw, effect, object, image, view, and help. Below these, we have a series of icons that allow direct access to the program’s tools. This structure is fixed and you cannot include new icons or delete those that you hardly use.

From its most basic version, the program includes what is necessary to create an icon with guarantees. Tools like pencil, fill, blur, change color, clean or create geometric shapes are available from the first minute.

An icon is an image in itself, but it must include a lot of information. For this reason, the zoom option is especially useful, which in this program allows you to enlarge up to 20 times the original size. Thus, we can use all the pixels and get the best out of our tool.

To the right of the canvas space we have a history of the icons that we have been creating in each use of the tool. Although it is deleted at each logoff, it allows us to check at a glance everything done in a day.

Its different versions and functionalities

AWicons is a computer program that offers three versions, two paid and one free. Although there are sensible differences between them, you can start designing your own icons with the simplest one and, if you want to advance, you can buy one of the other licenses. Anyway, before paying the amount, you can also download the trial version and make sure it is what you need.

Lite, the first steps of an icon editor

The initial and free version of AWicons will allow you to get started in creating icons, but with obvious limitations since it is the free edition. For example, you will not be able to create icons optimized for Windows Vista, 7 or 10.

As for file management, you can only work with .ico, .cur files. or .ani so no .png, .bmp, .gif or .jpg. Importing both large images with filters and resources from executables (.exe or .dll, for example) is also prohibited.

The design of your icons will also suffer from the limitations of this version. You will not be able to create icons in 3D or with additional effects. In addition, its size will be limited to 32 × 32 pixels.

The connectivity of the program with other solutions, through plug-in, will not be possible with this license either.

Standard or Pro? Differences that affect the price

The two AWicons payment options solve part of the limitations of the Lite version, how could it be otherwise. However, there are differences between the two that can lead a person to jump directly from the free version to the more advanced one. The price for the home Standard version is $ 15.95 and for $ 9 more, you would have the home Pro version. Licenses that allow use in professional settings cost $ 29.95 and $ 39.95 respectively.

The Standard version has in common with the Lite the limitations regarding optimization in Windows 10 and the absence of 3D icons, as well as additional artistic effects. Although it allows creating larger icons, the limitation is set to 128 × 128 -the PRO version reaches 256 × 256-. Finally, it does not allow its linking as a plug-in in Adobe Photoshop either.

How to download AWicons

Without added advertising, guided by a wizard and free of viruses and bloatware, it is very easy to install a program. And that’s exactly what AWicons offers when it comes to integrating into your PC. You can download this tool, in any of its three versions, by clicking on this link .

When installing the program, there is a consideration that you must take into account if you have opted for the PRO version – either purchased or the trial version – or for the Standard version. The program will ask you what types of files you want to open by default. The files in the left column (.ico, .cur, .ani and .id) are typical of bitmap editors like AWicon. However, it will also suggest opening the .bmp, .jpg, .gif and .png extensions that you probably usually open with other types of programs. Be careful not to accidentally change your routines.

AWicon selección de archivo

The system requirements are minimal, you will only need a computer with a Windows 98 operating system and 15 MB of free space on your hard drive. And don’t worry if you have more up-to-date versions of Windows because the program is fully functional in Windows 10.

Alternatives to AWicons

Many users refuse to use free basic programs that have improved versions, but paid. The reason is clear, when they develop the necessary skills, they will be forced to buy the license to continue advancing. If you are this type of person, you may be interested in opting for a solution that you can use with no limits other than your capabilities.

Junior Icon Editor

The most striking advantage of this tool is its simplicity both in its interface and in its use. Although its functionalities are not as interesting as those of the rest of the alternatives, nor of course like those of AWicon, it can be a suitable choice for those who want to start in very basic environments.

If you want a simple start or want to introduce the youngest members of your family to the world of icons, click here .

Pixelformer, an advanced and free program

This free software is a surprising option because it includes practically all the necessary tools to achieve a professional finish. With it you can make masks, create as many layers as you need and use translucent colors.

Pixelformer interfaz inicial

Download your copy of this complete software at the link .

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro, free code for your icons

The main characteristic of this program is that its code is free, so you can use the modules of other users and learn programming concepts while you get started in the world of icons.

The program as such also has interesting functionalities such as the application of several layers and high quality filters, the possibility of creating animated cursors and managing icon libraries. In addition, it has a portable version that will allow you to take it anywhere.

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro

Visit their website to install this program on your PC.