The Best Programs to Open Very Large Text Files

A text file , whether flat or formatted, should normally not hide much. A plain text file, for example, will occupy 8 bytes for each character we have written, while formatted files (such as DOCX in Word) will occupy something more, but without going overboard. However, we may have ever come across a document that, due to its size, takes up a lot of space. We are talking about hundreds of megabytes, and even gigabytes. And, when trying to open it, conventional programs do not serve us.

Best Programs to Open Very Large Text Files

The most used program to open plain text files is Notepad . This editor is the one who is in charge of opening the text files, in TXT format (and others without format) by default in Windows 10. And when what we are trying to open are formatted documents, then the one who opens them is Word itself, the processor Office texts, or, failing that, WordPad.

These programs can help us to get out of trouble. However, when we have to open a really large file we find that they cannot handle it. It may happen that, when trying to execute the error program, and even that it loops, it begins to fill up the RAM and we have to restart the PC.

Therefore, if we have the need to open very large text files, we must look for programs specially designed to be able to fulfill this task. And then we leave you the best ones.

010 Editor, professional editor to open files larger than RAM

010 Editor

Normally we shouldn’t be able to open a text file larger than RAM. This is because text editors often load files into memory for easy work and, if there is no space, they cannot open them. 010 Editor is different.

This professional text file opening program is designed to be able to open files larger than 50 GB without any problem. Even if we have very little RAM. This program can access the content of the file in real time while we are using it to avoid wasting resources. It offers excellent performance, and is also compatible with all types of programming text files and has all kinds of functions that make it worthy of being a professional editor. In addition, it is available for Windows, Linux and macOS, so we can open large documents from any operating system.

However, this editor is paid. And not exactly cheap. Its license, for home or academic use, costs $ 50. But we can download a 30-day trial version before purchasing from this link .

Large Text File Viewer, open files up to 1GB instantly

Large Text File Viewer Large Text File Viewer has two main features. The first one is that it is a very light program, since it uses very little memory. And the second of them is to be able to open, practically instantly, files of 1 GB, and even more, in size. While we use the program, it indexes the content of the file so, although at first it may seem somewhat slow, in a few moments we will be able to start moving through the entire document with total fluidity, and even carry out instant searches.

Its interface is not exactly the most pleasant or the most careful. But the program works perfectly. We can download it at no cost from your website .

Quick, feature-packed EditPad all-in-one


If we are looking for something relatively more modern, and not as professional as 010 Editor, then one of the programs that we can download and install on the computer is EditPad. This program is characterized by being a totally free text editor, and very simple to use. With it we will be able to open any text file without problem, regardless of its extension and the type of file it is.

This program has a tab-based interface from which we will be able to open several files at the same time. In addition, it has functions of a professional text editor that will allow us, for example, to perform complex searches and replace text quickly using regular expressions.

We can download this program for free (for personal use) from here .

EM Editor, a program to open large files on Windows, macOS and Linux

Editor EM

The EM editor is another of the programs that cannot be missing from our PC if we often work with large files. This program is characterized by being light, fast and, above all, easy to use. In addition to being able to open any type of file, no matter how large, it has advanced editing functions that allow us, for example, to control it by macros.

We can download this text editor for free from your website .

Glog: the best way to explore long log files


Although this program was originally designed to make reading log files easier, today it has become an excellent program capable of opening large plain text files. In addition to being able to open these files, Glog allows us to move through them quickly, easily and even has the possibility of searching.

This program is free for Windows, Linux and macOS, and we can download it from here .

Universal Viewer, an editor to open all types of files

Universal Viewer Universal Viewer is not only a text editor to open large files, but it will allow us to open practically any type of file regardless of its format, such as images, spreadsheets, PDF, RTF, etc. This program can open files larger than 4 GB very quickly so that we can not only have at hand a program with which to open those large documents, but literally any type of common file.

We can download this universal program to open files from your website .