Best Platform Games for iPhone and iPad

Best Platform Games for iPhone and iPad

There are many games that can be found in the App Store and some very classic. During the childhood of many, platforms have always been very present and they do not require having a console always connected, since with your iPhone it is more than enough. In this article we show you the best platform games that can be found in the App Store for your devices.

Super Mario and other similar games

Super mario run

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest classics in history when it comes to platform games. Nintendo has marked a before and after in this sense throughout the industry and is now available on the iPhone itself to be able to play without requiring a console. This Mario is designed so that you can play with one hand where you must advance by performing spectacular maneuvers, jumping from wall to wall and collecting coins until you reach the final goal.

As in all the saga, the objective you have is to defeat Bowser who has kidnapped Princess Peach. You must complete a total of 6 worlds with 24 levels in order to reach the final level, which is Bowser’s castle. In addition, you can also have access to different characters as the levels that are present are completed.

Sonic the hedgehog

This is the game with which the entire Sonic saga began in his being. A classic platform that is right now for free in the App Store for download. Race with Sonic at breakneck speeds in seven zones that are classic to get gold rings that you will find all the way. You will have to overcome all the obstacles that you will find on the way to reach the end of the level to be able to move on to the next one.

It is optimized for the iPhone to be able to play at 60 fps although it is true that the quality of the graphics can be questionable. This is totally logical because we are talking about a game that has already been behind for many years and that has not undergone any remasters.

Lep’s World 2

If you played the first version of Lep’s World, this second version is sure to delight you. Features more levels, more items, and more enemies in an improved animation. It has a mechanics and an aesthetic that is very similar to the Mario saga. The story poses a sorcerer who steals the gold from the elves and that you must defeat by traveling around the world that you have around you.

Throughout the levels you will have to go jumping to avoid all the obstacles that you find and grab the coins and objects that you have in front of you. Obviously you will have to be careful because you will have limited lives.

Lep’s World 3

And if you’ve been wanting more of this curious Irish Mario, there is also a third version that is also worth trying. On this occasion, it has more than 200 very exciting levels with quite promising results. This time the enemy is several trolls who steal the gold and that you must recover through the 5 worlds that are presented.

As in the previous case, the mechanics are very similar to those of Mario. A platform in which you must overcome different obstacles and get all the objects and coins that you will have along your way but without dying on your adventure.

Platforms and tension in these games

Helix Jump

A game that will undoubtedly make you spend idle hours in front of your mobile thanks to a mechanic that, although simple, is certainly interesting to try. You will find yourself in a labyrinth of propeller towers that you will have to go up through the different bounces that it gives.

But it is not something as easy as jumping, since the difficulty increases as you go up. In each of the rings that you will have on top of the ball there are some holes through which you can pass with the bounce that is occurring. But these holes are getting smaller and smaller and the rebound speed is higher in order to increase the difficulty and be a real challenge for you.

Developer: Voodoo

Rolando: Royal Edition

Rolando is a classic iPhone game that with this version comes totally remastered with totally remodeled graphics. Rolling balls are literally balls that you will have to move through different mechanics by lifting them in elevators, launching them with bombs to open their way and using catapults to cross cliffs to achieve an extra level of difficulty.

It features various challenging and convoluted puzzles and platforms that are packed with action. All this is developed with a charming flora and fauna through the different worlds that you will pass through throughout your adventure with these incredible characters.

Rayman Adventures

Another classic in platform games that has accompanied many people since their childhood. Rayman mixes both platforms with adventures to get a unique experience within this genre. Your mission will be to go through different mpaas with the two characters that are presented doing different mini puzzles to advance all your way that is totally linear and lateral without having a third dimension.

It stands out above all for the graphic environment that is undoubtedly quite well managed in every way and the music it has. This makes for a really entertaining time while you are playing with Rayman and all his colleagues to achieve the final goal for which you have been called.


Acclaimed and eye-catching action-adventure platformer set in a forest full of trees. It includes a single-player campaign with more than 100 unique levels, although you can also play with your friends in multiplayer mode in more than 30 levels that are gradually expanded.

The mechanics are very similar to those that have been raised throughout all games of this type, having to perform jumps to cross all the obstacles that you find yourself. It has a quite successful graphic style that is quite similar to other games of the same genre that can be moved perfectly on a computer.

Developer: Frogmind


Limbo is a puzzle-like platformer from the creators of INSIDE and is available on consoles and computers. With a rather peculiar style and not at all colorful, you put yourself in the role of a boy who does not know the fate of his sister and literally enters a limbo.

It is true that it is not a very active game as such, but without a doubt it is a platform that should end up being tested on an iPhone because of the experience that can give you a backstory that ends up being told.

Developer: Playdead