The Best OxygenOS Tricks for Your OnePlus Mobile

For you this writes, OxygenOS is one of the most complete customization layers that exist in the current landscape of mobile telephony. It is a system with little intrusion, loaded with tools and quite similar to a “stock” version of Android. Plus, you have a lot to dig into.

OxygenOS has been recognized precisely for staying mostly faithful to the original Android operating system, but since then it has further developed its own personality, adding numerous options to OnePlus phones . But despite the visual transformation, the brand’s cape has not only retained many of its sleek little features, but some of its recent iterations have also introduced new tricks to make our lives a little easier.


These are the favorite functions that are hidden in the different nooks and crannies of your OnePlus mobile .

System cheats

Call recording in the Dialer app

Yes, you can record an incoming or outgoing phone call with your mobile thanks to the latest versions of the software. To do this you must slide your finger towards the second panel once you have started the call. This call will now be recorded but an audible voice message will be broadcast to all participants alerting that the call recording has started or ended.

You can then play the recording by tapping the contact’s name to see the last recorded call or by tapping the history to listen to past recordings.

Hide apps and files

The OnePlus operating system has a rather subtle feature that allows us to hide applications and files in case we do not want to leave them in view of anyone.

To hide an application, open the application drawer and swipe to the right, which will take you to a hidden space. Once it’s set up, just tap on the plus symbol to add and protect with PIN or fingerprint.

espacio oculto

You can also hide files like photos, videos, PDF, or even Word documents through the safe-deposit box feature in the file manager app. When you need to access these hidden files, just open the file manager app and scroll down until you see the safe box option where your hidden files should be waiting for you.

Activate the OnePlus secret panel

One of the biggest OnePlus tricks is hidden in plain sight: Shelf. If you don’t have it disabled, it will appear as long as you slide your finger from the middle of the screen down. If it does not appear, you will have to configure it from the settings of the home screen of your OnePlus by pressing and holding your finger in an empty area and selecting the settings icon. Here you can select Shelf when you perform said gesture.

panel shelf oneplus

In this panel you can add quick notes, check the weather, set shortcuts to your favorite apps or add some widgets.

Mobile customization

Customize the power button

The power button is set to activate the SOS function if you press it three consecutive times. Although it is quite useful, you can modify this action to tell the smartphone to quickly open the camera application or, in the most recent versions, to activate Alexa.

You can configure it from the Buttons and gestures menu in the settings application.

Change the style of the icons to your liking

OxygenOS is one of the customization layers that, worth the redundancy, more allows customizing the different elements that give life to the <user interface. Most systems are very limited when it comes to formatting the icons, but on your OnePlus you have the possibility to choose their shape and size, as well as style.

iconos oneplus

Access the Settings panel, enter the Personalization menu and select Icons. Here you can choose between the new OxygenOS or HydrogenOS icons, as well as leave them in drop, circular, square or with rounded corners.

Navigation gestures

There are a series of gestures that you can configure from the same Buttons and gestures menu that allow you to use the smartphone in a much more optimal way

By accessing the quick gestures menu you can set the gesture of turning the phone over to silence the mobile, take a screenshot with three fingers or lift the smartphone to answer a call

gestos oneplus oxygenos

We will give the possibility to control various functions of our mobile and customize it:

dibujar letras oxygenos oneplus

We can also create our own actions by drawing symbols or letters on the screen, for example to control the music on the device, or open certain applications.

OnePlus camera tricks

Enhance the color of your photos

Finding the right balance between the light and dark areas of a shot is not easy but if you open the Camera Settings panel of your OnePlus you will find the UltraShot HDR mode that will take care of it for you. This new function present in the latest smartphones of the firm applies different presets and HDR effects to obtain an optimal photo with the right balance between shadow and light.

Corrects Wide Angle Distortion

If you have noticed a slight distortion in the photos taken with the wide angle, do not worry, it is the most normal thing in the world and something that usually occurs in this type of photography. Wide angle lenses are prone to distortion but fortunately they can be easily corrected by software and this is what you can do yourself by going into the camera settings and selecting the “Ultra Wide Lens Correction” option. The phone will take care of the rest.

Set the shooting modes to your liking

Do you use some camera modes more often than others? Maybe Night mode is your favorite? If so, you may want to organize these modes to make it easier for you to get to them to avoid wasting time swiping left or right to get to them.

modos camara

To do that, head over to the settings icon and scroll down until you see the option for custom modes. Now all you need to do is drag and drop the modes to your liking.

Tricks to improve performance

Game Space

Gamespace is a small utility that helps organize all your games in one place, but it also takes care of any distractions when you’re playing games, like silencing notifications or even temporarily disabling auto-brightness.

Optionally, you can enable fanatic mode which takes us a step further by restricting background app activity, blocking all notifications and calls, and even disabling a second simulation if you have one to improve your simulation’s internet connection. data.

Use an app with several different accounts

Having two profiles active at the same time in a single app isn’t something you can enable on any phone, or at least the process of getting there isn’t particularly easy. Technically, you can use the same application on different device profiles, but this is often too complicated if we only want to use two Facebook accounts or two WhatsApp accounts, to name the main examples.

OnePlus’ OxygenOS is among the handful of layers of customization that natively support the feature. The utility may vary depending on all the applications you have on your phone, as it may not be compatible with all, but it seems that the most popular are compatible from the first moment.

To access the list of compatible applications, you must access the Utilities menu within Configuration . Once there, click Parallel Applications and check the switch for the application you want to duplicate. A new shortcut to it will appear on the home page.

Quick start

You can access your favorite app and use your smartphone faster if you activate the OnePlus cheat and its Quick Start. This function allows you to choose a small list of applications (or even application shortcuts) that you use most frequently and displays them on the lock screen by holding down the fingerprint reader. You can scroll through the list and highlight an application, which will instantly open upon recognition of the fingerprint. Although it resembles the gesture system, Quick Launch is actually faster as the mobile unlocks instantly.

inicio rapido oneplus

As you may have guessed, the feature only works on OnePlus phones with an in-screen fingerprint reader, and to activate the option you would have to go to the Utilities menu in Settings and click Quick Launch. Here you can enable it and choose from a really long list of apps and shortcuts on your phone