Best Programs to Convert WMV to MP4 Easily 2019

wmv-to-mp4If you need to convert a WMV file to MP4 , whether for compatibility issues, improve playback quality or any other reason, here we show you the best free and easy to use converters.

These two formats are widely used, and quite common, although one has higher quality and compatibility with playback programs. And this is the MP4 format, for this reason you might want to convert to this format.

Below, we show you the best converters, easy to use and free for all users.

VLC, the quintessential player also converts

You might have this player installed, and you don’t even know that it has a format conversion option. For this reason I put it in the first place, and it may be that many will save you the search for any more program.


If you want to access the converter option you can click on Media> Convert or press CTRL + R. Both options allow you to convert the formats mentioned above. Also indicate, which allows us to convert more formats.

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HandBrake, the most powerful OpenSource video converter and encoder

This program is known by many users who have previously been looking for the compression of multimedia files. But apart from this function it has many others such as the conversion of video files.

It is a fairly complete program that has conversion and compression tools for our videos.

Conversor handbrake

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Apowersoft – Video converter for Windows

This converter is very complete, and as we show in the example, it not only allows us to convert to another format, but also to change the quality. To be a free program, we have many compatible functions and formats, with incredible ease of use .

Its use is highly recommended, for all types of people, with more or less knowledge.

Convertidor de video

They ensure a minimum loss of quality in the conversion of our files.

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Freemake Video Converter: move from WMV to MP4 in seconds

Company known for its easy-to-use free products, in this case it is no less. It provides us with a very intuitive and simple video and audio converter.

Our video that we are going to convert can include watermarks that, in case you don’t mind, it is quite advisable to use this program.

Convertidor freemake

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Free MP4 Video Converter

This converter is little known among the community, but quite useful for converting the different video formats to MP4. Among its options is to choose the video quality that we want it to have after such conversion. With this we get a higher quality or lower weight .

Mention that you have an online version which could also be useful.

Free MP4 Video converter

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HD Video Converter Factory

This conversion tool is easy to use , as well as completely free. Although we have a paid version, for our function it is not necessary for the conversion that we are going to perform.

We have a large number of output formats and its handling is quite simple. As we can see in the image, only 3 steps are needed for this conversion.

Video factory

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Video Converter Any Format

Video converter with audio and video editing functions better than some of the above. It allows us to choose the conversion of a large number of formats , and indicate the size of the video among other options.

Your download is as simple as clicking on the “Get” button from the Microsoft Store, so we will avoid the installation process .

any format

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Video compressor and Trimmer

Video compressor is another very simple app, with functions limited to compression, choice of size and format of video files. With this application we will also avoid the installation process since it is available in the Microsoft Store.

Its interface is attractive, so it will not leave a bad taste in the mouth of any user who simply looks for the action of converting their video files.

Compressor y timmer