The Best Meditate Applications for Android 2020

Meditation is a training for the mind and spirit in which we try to reach a greater state of mental and emotional freedom . This practice is increasingly common due to the progressive increase in the rhythm of our lives, increasingly dynamic, complex and stressful, which produces a greater degree of insecurity and anxiety .

Meditation helps us control these emotions that emerge from us, sometimes without control or understanding on our part, and at the same time it is useful for us to reflect, think clearly, and help us reduce our anxiety levels more easily, being aware of our problems and facing them with a different attitude . In addition, it can help us with insomnia , since we can help with meditation to induce a state of deep relaxation.

In spite of everything, and although meditation is a millenary practice , many people do not, until a point comes when they really need it, and they are lost without knowing what to do or how to start with this practice. Thanks to new technologies, we have very well developed applications that can help us guide and develop in this practice of meditation. Below you will find a list with the best applications to meditate on Android that you can download from the Play Store.

Best Apps to Learn to Meditate with Android Phone

Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Calm is the most downloaded meditation app from the Play Store, and is a selection of publishers . This app helps you to meditate , as well as to sleep , through guided meditations, breathing programs, learning classes, sleeping stories and relaxing music . We will have different sessions with more or less meditation time, depending on what phase and level we are in, and also the time we have, adapting to any schedule. They are sessions from 3 to 25 minutes that will help us calm anxiety, manage stress and improve focus and concentration.

Insight Timer – Free Meditation App

Insight Timer is an application developed by Spanish-speaking teachers , winner of an award granted by TIME magazine for best application of the year. This app is selection of publishers . He offers talks led by experts from various fields of the very recognized mind and consciousness, and they help us to practice the meditation process through hundreds of totally free guided classes . We have relaxing music and a community in Spanish where we can discuss related topics. We also have statistics and achievements of our progress.

Simple Habit – Guided Meditation and Relaxation

Simple Habit is also a selection of publishers , and offers us more than 100 free sessions and a library with more than 2000 about various topics , such as insomnia and sleep, reducing anxiety, improving focus and attention, enjoying more of our environment and our interpersonal relationships and couples without suffering from stress … This application offers different types of guided meditations in different time periods of 5, 10 and 20 minutes a day . In addition, we have a payment version that allows us to access without an Internet connection and to meditate anywhere we can take our smartphone.

Mindfulness with Petit BamBou

PetitBambou is a well-known meditation application in Spanish. He has won different awards and is based on mindfulness . This method focuses on spending 10 minutes a day on learning to meditate and developing a healthy habit that helps us calm anxiety, reduce stress, and sleep better. We have more than 400 meditations designed and guided by experts, both for adults and specialized for children from 5 years. The app is in Spanish but also has English, French and German.

Meditopia: Anxiety, Breathing

Meditopia is the fourth and last application of this list in possession of the publisher’s selection title. The application teaches us to develop in the practice of meditation through more than 150 sessions in English and Spanish while listening to nature sounds and relaxing music to concentrate. The programs include different themes , such as breathing, stress release, good sleep, acceptance , self-confidence , compassion, gratitude, motivation, and a huge amount of positive reinforcements that help us gather positivity within us.

Developer: Meditasyon
Price: Free

Lojong: Meditation and Mindfulness

Lojong will help us relieve stress thanks to a path with ten steps that induces us to meditation , through which we will learn to manage our thoughts and train our minds gradually. We have a series of animated videos that help us understand concepts for mind training, and we can schedule the meditations within the application.

Feel – Mindfulness and Positive Psychology

Siente is an application developed by the very easy Foundation, whose objective is to create healthy habits in society to help improve the level of general well-being. This is achieved through mindfulness and positive psychology . With this app we will learn to reduce stress , accept life situations, be flexible in the face of new changes that may cause discomfort in our lives, and learn to manage our emotions in a controlled way.

Meditation Plus: music, timer, relax

Meditation plus is an application to meditate with a slightly different approach . It is not as educational as the rest of the applications, but it offers us mantras and concentration elements such as fixed points on the screen, burning candles, symbols and mandalas, images … all with the aim of maintaining our concentration while we meditate, while listening Relaxing music. It also has a very relaxing meditative drawing mode .

Serenity: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness

Serenity offers us to learn a great variety of meditation techniques based on mindfulness , with the aim of teaching us to reach a state of peace and calm, which is associated with happiness. We can learn basic concepts with a free 7-day course. It is not necessary to register with an account in the application, and it has more than two hours of free audios.


Medita allows us to download the meditation sessions to be able to listen to them offline on our mobile. It offers us a 21-day adaptation plan in which we will learn the basic concepts and techniques of meditation gradually . We have training audios and can monitor our progress with the application, which will unlock rewards as we go. In addition, it offers us the possibility to silence all notifications during the session.

Developer: Meditate
Price: Free