Vivaldi: Light Browser Based on Chomium that Saves RAM and CPU

When talking about the popular Internet browsers today, the truth is that we find a good amount of proposals in this regard. Thus, we can opt for Chrome, Firefox , Safari, Edge, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, etc. The truth is that Google’s proposal, Chrome , has long been the most used worldwide, but it is not the only one. At the same time we can affirm that programs of this type with the Chromium engine of the search giant also command this market. That is why many users can choose to use other less known alternatives to move around the Internet

For all these reasons, we are going to focus on one of those alternatives to the most well-known browsers that over time has gained followers worldwide. Specifically we refer to Vivaldi , a proposal that offers us some interesting features that make it stand out.vivaldi browser

Vivaldi, a different web browser but with Chromium engine

To begin to know this application, we must know that its rendering engine is the same that most browsers use, that is, Chromium. In this way the software enjoys all the benefits of the members of this project, but with its own touch. At the same time it is interesting to know that this software was created by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner , the creator of the popular Opera .

However, not being in his day happy with the direction he had taken that company he founded, he changed projects to focus on Vivaldi. In this way we can say that we find a program developed by a person with extensive experience in this sector. That is why many of the users who have tried it over time have stayed here.

Advantages of this browser over the rest

The truth is that each program of this type, although most are based on the same rendering engine, have their own functions that make them unique. How could it be otherwise, this also extends to this, Vivaldi. Well, here we can point out that thanks to the fact that it is based on Chromium, we can use all the extensions that can be downloaded for example in Chrome.

Inicio Vivaldi

On the other hand, if something distinguishes this alternative over most of its competitors, it is the user interface that presents us. We mean that it is much more customizable and adaptable to our needs than what we find in other similar programs. Input, just install it, we find a screen that allows us to configure it. Here we can import the markers to start working as soon as possible, or choose a theme to adapt the interface .

Once the browser is launched, we will see that in the left part of the main interface it places a fully customizable bar. This, at the outset, gives us direct access to functions such as browsing history, downloads made, or bookmarks. But that’s not all, but we can also add websites that interest us. The striking thing about this is that, just by clicking on that button that we have created, a reduced view will be created with the updated content of that website.

Interfaz acceso rápido

As it is easy to imagine, this will save us time and improve the use of the browser to work with a much more adapted user interface.

Save PC resources, one of the objectives of this browser

As we have mentioned on so many occasions, one of the great handicaps faced by these programs in particular, is the consumption of resources . This is something that is especially evident in the aforementioned Chrome, at least based on the complaints of its users. Keep in mind that these programs are increasingly used, so their complexity at the same time increases.

Among the most common causes of this high consumption of resources, we find the use of many tabs. As we open more and more elements of this type, the software needs more equipment resources. This can become a serious problem, especially in older equipment . In addition, if we add to this the consumption of the extensions, the thing gets even worse. That is why Vivaldi allows us to manage these tabs in a much more effective way.

Pestañas Vivaldi

Thus, depending on the tab in which we are located, pressing the right mouse button on it will give us some options or others. In this way we can stack them to reduce the space occupied by themselves in the workspace. In addition Vivaldi allows us to combine those belonging to the same domain , or the redundant ones. But that’s not all, but at the same time we can hibernate those we don’t use at that moment. As you can imagine, this will allow us to save unnecessary consumption of resources by the browser, something that many will appreciate.

How to download Vivaldi

In the event that we choose to try this software to move around the Internet, we can do it from the official Vivaldi website , which we access from this link . It is worth mentioning that this browser is currently available for Windows and Linux users, that in desktop environments.

Descargar navegador

At the same time we have a version for Android-based mobile devices that is currently in the Beta phase. This will allow us to work synchronously with the browser, both in its desktop version, as in the mobile .

Price: Free

How to keep Vivaldi updated

At this point, we cannot forget the importance of keeping the program updated at all times, especially if we talk about an Internet browser . Not only to receive the latest features launched by its developer, but for security reasons. That is why we are sure that we appreciate that the software has its own automatic update functionality. Thus, each time a new version of the program is available, it will inform us for later installation.

Actualziar Vivaldi

To say that although it is not recommended, this is something that we can deactivate from the configuration menu. The direct access to it is located in the lower left corner of the main interface, where we will have to place ourselves in the Updates section.