18 Best Icon Packs to Customize Android

It may sound tiresome, but Android customization has no limits, we always say that. In all or almost all aspects, the phones that belong to this platform can be personalized and molded to the user’s taste. Today, we are going to review the best icon packs that are available on Google Play .

There are designs of all colors and flavors, so we will try to bring together packs of all styles. Likewise, that they have a good implementation in the software and are not a drag on the device.

icon packs android

Preperations for installing icon packs

Something to keep in mind is that several of these apps are not compatible with the software that comes by default in the terminal, or at least it does not work as well as it should. In fact, they require another launcher for its correct operation, and for this the best exponents are Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher , the one that we like the most. Once installed, both the launcher and the icon pack, we can already add them from the launcher’s own settings.

nova launcher

Price: Free

Moonshine – Icon Pack

First app that needs an external launcher to work. It will be worth doing, since it contains a whole catalog with Material Design design and several wallpapers of the same style. This is especially appreciated by users with smartphones that have highly loaded personalization layers.

CandyCons – Icon Pack

It offers a pack of over 1000 icons to choose from, with support for numerous launchers and a wide range of wallpapers. In addition, the characteristic point of the app is that the icons of some apps, not all, can change their appearance randomly and from time to time , something very novel.


It offers several styles of icons, but if it differs in anything this app is in having a pack with a dark and shaded style. The icons show a color inversion, having black as the main color and the app color as a shadow. A style that certainly leaves no one indifferent, and at the same time gives it a more elegant design.

Price: Free

Delta – Icon Pack

It is one of the apps most recognized by the Android community, for its minimalism and freshness that it offers to the device interface. It supports more than 20 launchers and includes more than 2000 icon styles, so variety will not be lacking with this pack. It’s not a complete overhaul of app shortcuts, but it’s just a pretty nice visual change with its facelift.
Price: Free

Pixel Pie Icon Pack

Not everyone can enjoy the great design that Pixels have in their personalization layer, because each manufacturer does it in their own way. That does not mean that we cannot have its characteristic icons in our terminal, all thanks to this app. They are not entirely identical, but that rounded style of applications and games make them quite similar.

Viral – Free Icon Pack

In part, as its name indicates, this app has gone viral on Google Play with more than 1 million downloads. And it is not for less, since it offers an elegant dark style, combining it with the colors of the app. He even dares to implement his own label with some elements other than those that bring the default icons, although it does not work at all.

Monoic Icon Pack

Who wants something simpler and monotonous? If the contrast of colors is not what we are most passionate about in this world, we can always resort to this type of design. It offers a fully black and white icon pack, a combination that gives it minimalism and elegance. In addition, they are made transparent with the wallpaper , to better enjoy the views.

Minty Icons Free

The mint takes an appearance in the icons with this app. A much cooler tone than the previous ones shown in its category, and that offers compatibility with all kinds of applications, whether they are factory-set on the smartphone, those that are owned by Google or external programs.
Price: Free

MIUI 10 Pixel – Icon Pack

If we were told a few years ago that MIUI was going to be our most preferred layers, we would not believe it. Her level of customization has always been brutal, but she lacked being aesthetically ‘less Asian’. From MIUI 10 they have managed to do the right face-lift to make it more attractive to the eye, and it is possible to enjoy it on any device with this app, which remarkably imitates the design of the Xiaomi.

Ortus Square Icon Pack

Leaving aside the rigor of other apps in this genre, this commitment to a more artistic design. We would even say that it is reminiscent of a cartoon style, since by means of drawing the developers have created this pack. It makes it more attractive, in addition to its customization in the symbols of the applications.

Materialistik Icon Pack

Materialistik is a paid icon pack, specifically 0.89. However, it is our favorite. We like it so much because the icons include shadows and raucous colors that make you like having them as default. The G of the Google icon is really amazing. It’s worth it if you like it and you’re really going to use it.

pack de iconos

Lines – Icon Pack

This icon pack more than transform, what it does is blur the icons with a white line around them. It is very aesthetic and minimalist, being able to distinguish well the icons on the desktop.

pack de iconos android

Rugos – Icon Pack

The icons here look like crumpled sheets of paper . We believe it is one of the most elaborated in this list. It looks like iPhone icons.

pack de iconos

H2O icon pack

With a square design and rounded edges, they are also reminiscent of those of the iPhone. It is one of the most beautiful, in our opinion on this list.

icon pack

Price: Free

MellowDark – Icon Pack

It is an icon pack that, like viral, simulates that they have a dark mode . However, the icons here are darker if possible, and the design of the icons is simply spectacular. This is a one hundred percent must have . We highlight the Google Maps icon .

pack de iconos

Pixel Icon Pack

If you want to have the appearance of Pixel icons , this is your icon pack. The truth is that they are quite similar to them and, with a launcher similar to Android stock, you can simulate the experience of a Pixel , especially if you have a layer of heavy customization.

pack de iconos

Whicons – Icon Pack

Unlike Lines free, which also had a similar experience, whicons what it does is leave the original icon of the application, but draw it in white . The result is quite attractive, and another must have in icon pack.

pack de iconos

Splendid – Icon Pack

Finally, and to finish, we have Splendid. Splendid is the icon pack that is furthest from the original icon. However, with an original and particular design, it manages to be pleasing to the eye. It tends to redesign icons with bluish colors , even the Gmail or Instagram app. It is splendid.

pack de iconos

We encourage you to try and download the icon packs that most appeal to you from this list and try it on smartphones. We should take the opportunity that Google gives us to change everything to our liking. The icon packs is proof of this.