The Best Email Providers Based on Security and Privacy

Email is a means of communication widely used by both private users and companies. However, keep in mind that security and privacy are not always present. Problems may arise that put our emails at risk. We can be victims of data leaks, for example. In this article we will name a number of email providers based on privacy and security .

The importance of maintaining security and privacy

Maintaining privacy on the network today is fundamental. There are many marketing companies that can find a way to steal our information. On the one hand they can use it to put us in spam campaigns or send us targeted advertising. They could also even sell our data to third parties.


That is why it is vital to always preserve the information on the network . When using email platforms this must always be present. Something similar happens with security. There are many threats that can put our teams at risk and, ultimately, affect our privacy as well.

In this article we wanted to mention a series of email providers that mainly focus on security and privacy . There are many options that we have at our disposal but not all of them really focus on these two points.

Email providers based on security and privacy


One of the first options we want to show is that of Hushmail . It may not be as popular as others that we will see next, but it is an email provider that is focused on security. It is based on a very easy to use OpenPGP encryption .

We have the possibility to send and receive fully encrypted emails. This adds an important security barrier to always preserve privacy. This end-to-end encryption is automatic among users who use this platform. Regarding other emails from other providers we can manage them through a box enabled for this.

On its website we can see all the information of the different modalities they offer.



Another interesting option is that of Mailfence . It is one of the most complete security-based email providers. This service has been running for many years and that gives you guarantees. Many users rely on this service to send and receive e-mails.

It has both free and paid option. The first offers 500 MB of storage for emails and another 500 MB to use when saving documents or using the calendar. On this occasion it also uses OpenPGP to encrypt the emails and that nobody can read them.



Without a doubt ProtonMail is the most popular email security and privacy based provider. In the free version it offers 500 MB of storage. It offers end-to-end encryption between emails of this service. If we receive an email from another provider, it will scan for spam.

By default IP registration is disabled. We already know that the IP address can reveal the location, for example. In addition, if we delete an email, all data is deleted without having the option to store something.



We cannot leave Tutanota behind on this list. It is an encrypted and free email service. Once again we have an option that uses end-to-end encryption to guarantee privacy. In this case we have 1 GB for free.

It should be mentioned that Tutanota is an open source service. The company uses 2048-bit RSA and 128-bit AES encryption methods. It is not compatible with PGP, although they indicate that its encryption system is superior.


It also offers 1 GB of free Disroot space . It is another of the e-mail providers that we can use and that is based on security and privacy. It is a decentralized and open source option.

Disroot has different options that we can use to protect our emails. We have all the information on your website.

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